Tesla Model 3 Caught Road Testing – Video

It’s been a couple weeks now since Tesla chief Elon Musk revealed a brief, low-quality video of a black “release candidate” Model 3 accelerating, and now a captured video has surfaced.

Shot with a dashcam, the 98-second clip is mainly what could be seen in its fixed range of view as the driver positioned himself behind and alongside the Model 3.

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According to Green Car Reports, the shot in Los Altos, Calif. was only about six miles from Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters on the northbound side of Interstate 280.

Most important to Tesla fans is this is another confirmation that Tesla is on track for a July startup of pre-production versions of the Model 3, as seeing a car live is a whole lot better than manufacturer-supplied photos and video.

These first Model 3s will skip official “beta” testing, and employees and friends of Tesla will be able to call out quirks and bugs as needed for the car that’s otherwise believed to be nearly good=to=go for regular production.

Although the dashcam video by Tim Chaimungkla could not capture the grille-less front, he did also post a handheld video taken while he went past the Model 3 being followed by a Model S.

That video was mainly a futile attempt to get much imagery, but we’ll post it in addition just the same.

Below also is the video Musk posted.

Green Car Reports

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