Tesla Hoists Model S Six-Stories Up In Australian Shopping Center – Video

As Australians are awaiting their first Model S deliveries, Tesla hoisted a bright red example six stories up to the top floor of Sydney’s Westfield Sidney shopping center.

The 4,700-pound car with its full panoramic sunroof made it by way of freight hoist without mishap and now sits pretty for people to see, including those at J.P. Morgan which shares space, and Tesla posted a video Monday highlighting how it was done.

U.S. Model S deliveries began June 2012, but they are just now starting in Australia.


Tesla’s Sydney delivery center is preparing Model S sedans for their first buyers. All cars in the small country tend to cost more than in many other markets, but Teslas are eligible for a reduced luxury taxes compared to petroleum vehicles.

The base price for a 60-kwh Model S is $103,095AUD ($90,746USD) in the Australian Capital Territory (One Australian dollar equals 0.88 U.S. dollars).

This includes the $95,900AUD Model S, $6,158 luxury car tax, and $1,037 local registration costs.

Depending on territory – Tesla’s Australian Web site lists the territories it’s selling in – prices can range all the way to $109,364AUD ($96,264USD) – plus options – for the same 60 kwh in the highest-priced territory.

The P85 totals $115,185-$122,240(AUD) ($101,388-$107,598USD) plus options, and the P85 Performance is $134,294-$142,591(AUD ($118,208-$124,511) and up with options.

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