Tesla Cars To Be 90-Percent ‘Auto Pilot’ Capable By 2015, Says Elon Musk

A brief video interview clip with Tesla head Elon Musk has the Silicon Valley entrepreneur saying Tesla will lead the industry to autonomous vehicles, and by 2015 a Model S will be 90-percent capable of driving itself.

He is short on details, but unequivocal on the results. The Model S is not actually named, but it is a reasonable assumption given this is now Tesla’s only model, and one might also presume Musk speaks of the Model X and cars to follow, not least of which being the “D” to be revealed Oct. 9.

And here we thought the D was to be an ultimate driver’s car. Maybe so, and maybe the driver will be all but optional?

Who knows? One thing is sure, the race is on to build autonomous cars that can do a better job than an average driver at navigating the streets and highways.

We’ve seen funky pods without brake or gas pedal by Google, and Nissan says by 2020 it will have vehicles that once they enter a highway, the car can take over. California and Nevada are issuing drivers’ licenses to vehicles sans driver by various automakers, and on and on we could go.

Boy oh boy. It is a brave new world, and be careful, or they may control-alt-delete you.

But others who know what they are talking about have said not so fast. There will be legal and technical hurdles to temper the hype, they have said.

At any rate, Musk’s video is pretty self explanatory. He is a master showman. So far he has delivered on much of it.

Will Tesla lead the way to the end – or beginning? – of driving as we know it?

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