Tesla Announces Model S Options and Prices


This week Tesla Motors announced options and pricing for its battery electric Model S line, with some versions due after mid 2012 and full rollout expected by the end of 2012.

A broad array of battery capacity and other upgrades mean the entry level vehicle (before subsidies) will fetch $57,400 and a packed-out version will go for as much as $105,400.

The base model is said to be able to go 160 miles per charge with its 40-kwh battery with advertised 0-60 time of 6.5 seconds and top speed of 110 mph.

A mid-level version with 60-kwh battery pack will start at $67,400, offer range of 230 miles, 0-60 in 5.9 seconds, and top speed of 120 mph.

Four versions with the 85-kwh battery are the $77,400 Model S, $84,900 Model S Performance (add $5,000 in “Additional Standard Equipment), the $95,400 Signature, and the Signature Performance for $105,400.

Range for all four when measured at 55 mph is estimated at 300 miles. The Model S Performance and Signature Performance zip to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds with top speed of 130 mph, while the Model S and Signature do 0-60 in 5.6 seconds with top speed of 125 mph. All 85-kwh models come with an 8 year/unlimited mile battery warranty.


Naturally range estimates assume a certain sedate driving style. Tapping into max speed or acceleration potential will see range diminish just as one would expect of an internal combustion car.

The vehicles are to be built in Fremont Calif., and Tesla’s investors include Toyota Motor Corp., Daimler AG, Panasonic Corp and others hoping to see it become the first profitable battery electric vehicle maker.

Company CEO Elon Musk, who is its largest shareholder, said the company may be profitable by 2013. To date, Tesla has not issued an annual report.

The company said it has orders for more than 7,000 units, and next year’s production is already sold out.

To see all options and pricing (Tesla lists prices with $7,500 federal tax credit already deducted), click here for Tesla’s Web site.

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  • Shines

    So the first available versions of the “more reasonably priced sedan” Teslas coming out the summer of 2012 will be over $90K?!?
    JamesDavis – you still think that the Focus Electric at $39995 is a crappy deal? It looks like a bargain in comparision (although I would still not spend that much for a vehicle with only a 100 mile range). If I win the Mega Millions Lottery I’ll seriously consider the top of the line Tesla with the 300 mile range.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    Once you get to 300 mile range the range anxiety deteriorates. The 100 mile range EV’s right now make great second cars, I’d get one in a second if I had a 2 car household.


  • tapra1

    other upgrades mean the entry level vehicle (before subsidies) will fetch $57,400 and a packed-out version will go for as much.PC Talk