Tesla Announces Model S ‘Clone’ Debut In Hong Kong

Tesla Motors has had an Asian presence for the past two years, but not until recently have Chinese consumers had the opportunity to test drive a Model S. The company says that Hong Kong is the first location in Asia where customers can now drive Model S on public roads.

Tesla also introduced its design studio in Hong Kong within the same space as its existing service center that opened in 2010. The design studio features interactive displays where customers can design their own Tesla Model S on a large touch screen.

The company is using the same online method for reserving the Model S in Hong Kong as it does for the rest of the world.

General production reservations are $39,000 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) (approx. $5,000) while Signature model reservations are $330,000 HKD ($42,500). The company says both reservation fees are refundable.

The American maker of the all-electric luxury sedan recently announced its European distribution center, and delivery timelines as well as pricing for European customers. By the end of last year Tesla said it had 23 locations in North America and 33 worldwide, and plans to expand its retail network into 2013.

“We are very excited to bring Model S and our new, interactive space design to Hong Kong,” said George Blankenship, vice president of worldwide sales and ownership experience.

“Our approach continues to be focused on informing as many people as possible about EVs, our company, and the advanced technology behind Model S. Customers in our space are invited to ask questions and engage with informative product specialists to learn more about the many advantages of driving an electric car. We know we’ve done our job when every customer leaves smiling,” said Blankenship.

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