Tesla Announces European Model S Pricing

With Tesla Motor’s announcement last week that Tilburg, Netherlands, will serve as the location of the company’s new European distribution center, the American electric carmaker has now announced European pricing for its award-winning Model S.

On Wednesday, Tesla Vice President of Sales, George Blankenship, posted on the company blog information about how Euro pricing was determined. Blankenship also wrote that the company would offer only the 60- and 85-kilowatt-hour battery models in Europe but not the 40-kwh battery model.

While detailed pricing is left to consumers to determine by going to Tesla’s country specific Web site, most European countries where the cars will be sold are listing base prices for the 60-kwh for €72,600 (approx. $95,817), and €83,150 (appriox. $109,741) for the 85-kwh car.

The Performance, Signature, and Signature Performance trim levels – all of which use the 85-kwh battery – are listed at €97,550, €101,400, and €110,950 respectively.

For the U.K., Blankenship stated production of right-hand drive Model S configurations would start in late 2013 with pricing announced four to five months prior to the start of deliveries.

Anticipating negative feedback from potential European consumers noting higher European prices compared to U.S. prices, Blankenship noted that prices in Europe include the Value Added Tax (VAT), as well as covering additional costs for transport, import duties and minor business expenses that vary by country, which may result in a 20 percent increase in some countries.

According to Blankenship the higher European pricing is not the company seeking to profit where it can, but is only the result of the above factors. He also stated that U.S. and European standard equipment and options packages are the same.

Pricing on the company’s U.S. Web site lists prices without tax, and with a federal tax credit of $7,500 factored into the cars’ cost.

For Europeans that currently have a reservation for a Model S, or soon will, Tesla is offering a €1,700 (or the local currency equivalent in other countries) discount to the pre-VAT price of the car for those customers that finalize their order within four weeks after receiving their “Invitation to Configure.” The discount offer is good until Dec. 31, 2012.

Model S Signature reservation holders can begin configuring their European left-hand drive cars in January, with delivery expected by late Spring 2013, following Tesla’s previously announced production kickoff in March.

For Britons the same discount will apply so long as a reservation for a Model S is placed by end-of-day on Dec. 31, 2012.

The catch for U.K. customers is that they’ll have to place a reservation as soon as other Europeans, but won’t see their vehicle for several months after other European customers take delivery.

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