Tesla And Charging Station Competitor Clash In UK Courts

A green energy company has filed a lawsuit against Tesla Motors in London, saying the electric carmaker blocked its plans for charging stations in the U.K.

Ecotricity Group was talking with companies, including Welcome Break Group, to install electric vehicle chargers at service providers along U.K. highways. In the lawsuit, Ecotricity stated that Tesla used confidential information to interfere with these plans in order to install its own charging stations.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla has also filed an antitrust suit against Ecotricity, accusing the company of “acting abusively in its dominant position as a supplier.”

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At the hearing, Judge Vivien Rose ordered Tesla to share any documents covering internal talks or meetings with other companies about the U.K. rest stops.

“There do seem to have been meetings in October 2014” with highway service companies, said Rose.“Something more is needed to be absolutely sure that there’s nothing more.”

However, Rose didn’t ask Tesla to provide other documents that Ecotricity had asked for, including telephone records.

For the countersuit, Tesla successfully won some of its requests. The judge has ordered Ecotricity to show financial documents and other records that demonstrate a loss of revenue.

“The main focus of the hearing was our antitrust claim against Ecotricity and we won the vast majority of the matters before the court,” said Tesla spokesman Ricardo Reyes.



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