Tesla Adds Powerwall And Energy Storage Infographics To Its Retail Stores

Visitors to Tesla retail stores will get to see more than electric cars, as the Powerwall home battery is being put on display.

Tesla said on Monday that it has revamped “dozens” of its retail stores to display the Powerwall and to show informative graphics on energy storage. Tesla’s move is part of a larger strategy to establish itself as an energy company through Powerwall and its merger with SolarCity, which was approved by shareholders Thursday and closed Monday.

The Powerwall home battery stores solar energy for use at night and in cases of power grid failure. Last month, the company released Powerwall 2, which it says doubles the energy storage of its first-generation battery. It’s compact, stackable, and can power a two-bedroom house for a full day, according to Tesla.

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The batteries were added to Tesla stores in California, Hawaii, the UK and Australia, among other locations in North America and Europe.

Adding Powerwall is another shift for Tesla away from the traditional auto dealership model. Tesla continues to fight in court and legislatures for its right to operate retail locations instead of franchised dealerships.

The first wave of home energy storage batteries have been placed in markets that have shown strong demand for energy products. The electric automaker said it plans to expand its energy offerings to more locations.

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