Tell Congress to Keep Plug-in Tax Credits

A bipartisan group of US Senators got an unprecedented 80-16 vote of support for plug-in vehicles in the Senate economic stimulus bill.

As the bill is refined by the House and Senate into a final version which will go to President Obama, Plug-in America is asking for help to make sure that the plug-in provisions stay intact. Your effort will ensure that affordable plug-in electric vehicles are available to consumers within the next 24 months while creating good paying jobs for Americans and helping our local economies.

Please send your message to your elected officials in Washington.

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  • Bill Day

    We own a 2008 Prius Touring and love it. We would like to by another 2010 Prius. If we could plug it in it would be even better but it will not offer this feature until 2011 or maybe 2012 estimated. It is wonderful to only pay about $10 to fill this car up after about 300 miles. My 2008 Diesel Ford F350 can cost up to $80 to fill after only about 200 miles. It has essentially been abandoned in front of the house. We will keep it to pull the camper but that is about it. I have looked extensively at converting this car into a plug-in and the economics just don’t work out yet. Hymotion will do a conversion for about $10,400. I can’t afford to be that much of an environmentalist. With government help it could be enought to tip the scale. Hybrids-Plus in Boulder, CO does an even better conversion in terms of available electric range but it costs a lot more.

  • Jeffery Green

    Energy efficiency, energy independence, vehicle to grid utility support, energy sustainablity. Global warming now on our heels or we give our future generations a sullen climate. Lets’s get with the program.