Team Uber Qik Sets Guinness Record Driving a Tesla From LA to NY in Under 59 Hours

A team of six including drivers Rodney Hawk, Deena Mastracci and Carl Reese set one world record and one unofficial record driving a Tesla Model S P85D coast-to-coast.

The speed of the trip is official, but the “least charging time in an EV” also announced is not recognized as a world record.

The trip from Los Angeles City Hall to New York City Hall was covered in an elapsed drive and charge time of 58 hours and 55 minutes, topping’s 67 hours 21 minute run from July 2014.

Headed by Reese, Team Uber Qik’s drivers were accompanied by witnesses and timekeepers, Anthony Alvarado, Matt Nordenstrom and Johnnie Oberg, Jr.

“I was inspired by my grandfather who took me on road trips as a child and Alex Roy who broke the cross-country record in a gasoline vehicle in 2006,” said Reese of Santa Clarita, California. “Tesla is such a compelling car company that is creating tens of thousands of American jobs, with Tesla Motors in Fremont, California, Giga Factory in Sparks, Nevada, and Space X in Hawthorne, California.”

It is noted “Reese prides himself on purchasing products only made in the U.S., from shoes and clothing to the Tesla the team drove across the country.”

As for down time recharging also claimed as a record, the team logged just 12 hours, 48 minutes plugged into Superchargers along the route which the team says is a second record, but “Guinness only recognizes the ‘least non-driving time to cross the U.S. in an electric vehicle.’”

More info can be seen at the team’s Twitter page.

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