Taxi Electric First Again, This Time With Nissan’s e-NV200 Taxi

Taxi Electric will be the first private taxi company to add the electric Nissan e-NV200 taxi to its green-energy-fueled, zero-emission fleet.

Taxi Electric’s EV-based city transportation model started operation in 2011 with a fleet of Nissan Leafs. The company chose to add the Nissan e-NV200 taxi to its fleet this summer.

Based in Amsterdam, Taxi Electric operates 25 Nissan Leaf vehicles and was the first private taxi service to rely on a fleet of 100 percent electric taxis in November 2011. Nissan said the Dutch company’s fleet of Nissan Leaf’s has now amassed a trouble-free 1.5 million kilometers (932,056.78 miles) in taxi operations.


“Two years ago we started with 10 Nissan Leaf,” said Ruud Zandvliet, founder of Taxi Electric. “Each of these traveled well over 100,000 kilometers (60,000 miles) and proved to be extremely reliable. Since last summer demand for our taxis is growing rapidly which allowed us to double our fleet.  We are very excited about the e-NV200 as it is designed to be a taxi. This will improve our offering and open new business opportunities for us.”

Nissan added Taxi Electric will not be alone in making the Nissan e-NV200 part of its taxi fleet, with the city of Barcelona having signed a memorandum of understanding with Nissan to promote it as a taxi for the Spanish region. Global production of the Nissan e-NV200 begins in May this year, with sales starting in the summer.

“Taxi Electric was one of the first electric taxi companies in the world, and I’ve been impressed with their progress since their launch two years ago,” said Andy Palmer, EVP Nissan. “They were the first to prove that zero-emission taxis – in the form of Nissan Leafs – are a viable alternative. They have covered an astonishing distance in their fleet in such a short time and have shown just how reliable our electric technology is in a demanding environment. Their pioneering spirit closely matches ours and we are certain they will continue their success with the ground-breaking Nissan e-NV200.”

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