Swiss Car Visionary Rinspeed Aims To Revolutionize Urban Traffic

Swiss company Rinspeed has already made a name for itself in high performance vehicles and in creating special EV concepts.

Now Rinspeed is at it again with “microMAX,” an EV urban study.

Its creator, Frank M. Rinderknecht, boss of Rinspeed, set out to revolutionize short-distance transport.

To be presented at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show this coming March, “microMAX” intends to merge personal and public transportation in particularly clever fashion.

Rinderknecht explains: “Modern ride share centers nowadays are web-based or Smartphone-based. They operate in real time: You need to go to work on a regular basis or want to go somewhere right now and in no time at all you find the driver that’ll give you a ride. “microMAX” with its unique upright seats is the perfect ‘thing’ for swift short-distance transfers – the car to go with the app.”

According to Rinspeed, “microMAX” defines an entirely new class of vehicles. With a length equivalent to that of a BMW Mini, “microMAX” not only offers plenty of space for the driver, three passengers and a stroller or shopping cart, it also provides the desired privacy.

Rinspeed microMAX InteriorThe vehicle height of 2.2 meters permits the installation of comfortable and space-saving upright seats equipped with safety belts – but above all, says Rinspeed, affords an outstanding sense of spaciousness with homey lounge character.

A coffee maker, a refrigerator for the passengers’ happy-hour drinks and unlimited connectivity for entertainment purposes or for working while on the move are also included.

Rinderknecht states: “microMAX” aims to encourage potential passengers to get in and ride because it is extremely convenient and simple. And every passenger decreases CO2 emissions and costs – even the number of traffic jams falls.”

It goes without saying that “microMAX” is an all-electric vehicle. Various equipment modules, for example for craftsmen or delivery services, make the vehicle extremely versatile.

As Rinspeed says, “microMAX” can be “your taxi” or “your bus,” but can also be “your car.”

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