Suspended Chevy Bolt Trademark Application Back On Track

The trademark application for the name “Bolt” intended for the Chevrolet electric car due to cost around $37,500 before tax credit and travel 200 miles on a charge was under suspension but is again in the clear.

As reported last week, the application has been suspended twice, the first time being not long after the Bolt’s January introduction in Detroit.

At issue was Yamaha already holds a trademark for “Bolt” for motorcycles and components and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) called things off until Yamaha and GM could settle an agreement allowing GM to proceed, and then along came another snag.

Specifically, Bolt Custom Trucks, a Fort Wayne, Ind.,-based company that builds custom sleeper cabs for tractor trailers, applied before GM to protect the same name.

Bolt Custom Trucks owner Brian Callan said in a phone interview with a reporter he wasn’t aware of his company’s pending application standing in the way of General Motors’ ability to trademark the name.

USPTO page

But GM has been busy, and Annalisa Esposito Bluhm of Chevrolet communications says the Bolt is back on track.

The USPTO website shows all correspondence between the automaker and it and the application is moving forward.

“It lists that the USPTO is no longer pursuing conflicts for Bolt name from Bolt Custom or Yamaha,” said Bluhm.

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