Suburban Living Fraught with High Costs

Not long ago, figures released from the Housing + Transportation Affordability index, revealed that far from saving money, moving to the suburbs is actually costing us considerably more than inner city living.

According to the Index, in the last decade alone, transportation costs have increased, on average by $1,400 per year in the ’burbs, though in some, heavily dependent locations the jump has been as much as $3,900. The difference in transportation costs in areas that are well connected, such as major urban centers and those that are more isolated (outer suburbs) has grown to be around $200 per month.

These figures were released earlier this year in February, when the Center for Neighborhood Technology expanded the Housing + Transportation index to encompass 874 so called metropolitan and micropolitan areas in the United States, which are home to around 89 percent of the country’s population.

With statistics like that, could we see a reverse of migration trends in the coming years, with people returning to cities instead of leaving downtown cores, much as they did in the 19th and early 20th centuries? One thing ‘s for certain; history, whether we chose to learn from it or ignore it, does have an annoying tendency to repeat itself.

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  • van

    Yes, we should all live in NYC, so a single man, the mayor, can tell us what size soda to drink, and he can close all the bridges and tunnels, locking us in or out. And public transportation is not free, the taxes are extracted from the burbs and spent of mass transportation like light rail or subways or the biggest boondoggle of them all, high speed rail.

  • Modern Marvel Fan

    So what? That is retarded study. Even at $400 per month in transportation, the cost of housing can easily offset that. In a major city, a small condo can easily for upward of $2000. But in the “burbs”, that will cost as low as $800-$1000. More than cover the cost in transportation.

    Beside, not everyone can live in the city and it won’t fit. You also won’t find private charging ports in a crowded city.

  • John K.

    For those who enjoy high crime rates, street people, noise all day and all night long, thinking all birds are pigeons, not seeing trees outside of parks, there is nothing wrong w/living in a city….

    Sure, the ‘burbs lack “diversity,” but diversity ain’t all it is cracked up to be: just search “Jared Taylor CSPAN Race and Crime Report” and also for Dr. Walter E. Williams’ JWR verification of its data and conclusions. It’s hard to be PC after you’ve had your head beat in….

  • Al Bunzel

    In my part of the world (down under), living in the inner city is significantly more expensive than in the suburbs. The cost to buy a unit or apartment is that high that it becomes worthwhile to commute from the suburbs. Never mind increases in transport costs. If you check out you can see the prices of homes down under.