Study: EV Drivers Favored, Flex Fuel Discriminated Against

So what is all this talk about flex fuel being shoved down our throats, and EVs driving up Xanax sales due to rampant range anxiety? Bloomberg brings us astounding news:

“Public charging stations for electric autos outnumber outlets for alternative motor fuels by almost two to one, even though there are hundreds of times more flex- fuel vehicles than plug-in cars on U.S. roads.“

Bloomies says that the approximately 16,500 highway-worthy electric vehicles in the U.S. have a choice of 4,448 public charging stations, not counting the ones at home or at work. Bloomberg bases this on U.S. Energy Department data.

Doing the math, Bloomberg comes to the conclusion that this is one station per 3.7 electric cars. The 7.6 million alcoholic cars, the ones that can run on E85, get a raw deal. They have only 2,468 places to fill up if they want to fulfill their ethanol cravings. If they don’t find a station that serves booze, they have to go on the wagon and drink traditional gasoline.

Nevertheless, says Bloomberg, the Obama administration is pushing for even more charging stations, and puts $230 million of support from the Energy Department and private investment. behind it:

“Ecototality received funds under the federal program to install 14,000 chargers in 18 metropolitan areas in six states and the District of Columbia.”

A flex fuel car will be on the pump for five minutes max, but even a quick charge to “top off” an electric car can take two to three hours, leading most drivers to charge at home or work, says Brett Smith, co-director of manufacturing, engineering and technology at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR). He thinks those public charging stations might get lonely.

On the other hand, Brian Wynne, president of the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), calls the number of charging stations available today “a good start.”

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  • MrEnergyCzar

    Ethanol takes oil to make and bring to market. It doesn’t really help us use less oil overall….


  • priusbob

    FFV’s rarely are using e85. Most e85 fans will not buy unless 15% cheaper due to lower fuel economy.

    Price to setup charging station is much less than price for fuel pump.
    A Blender pump costs roughly 70K with installation.

    EV Charging station for public use – 15K…

    Oh, and all you need is electricity. More infrastructure needed for the e85.

  • Tony

    Correct, but what is used to produce that electricity? Much less the things needed to build the cars.

    Electric cars in the grand scheme of things aren’t any better for the environment than E85.

    The problem is we’re trying to find a solution to make consumers happy, not the environment. We need to find an alternative that works efficiently for more than just our wallets.

  • Stan Smart

    The number of charging stations is MINUSCULE!

    Also, the ones that do exist aren’t spread geographically.
    For example, here in Kalamazoo, MI, Western Michigan University
    just installed 8 stations on their campus. This only helps faculty
    & students. (They don’t have any plug-in vehicles, tho).

  • skecky vegas

    If you build it, they will go wacky…

  • tapra1

    quick charge to “top off” an electric car can take two to three hours, leading most drivers to charge at home or work, says Brett Smith.Tech Blog

  • Lelaki Kacak

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  • Fahmi Raazali

    Right now we have hybrid. I am looking forward for my first car. I want to help save the earth. She old enough. There’s no need to make her suffer more.

  • jones22

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