Sonata Hybrid Rated Top Made-In-America Hybrid Car

As Families across the United States gather together to celebrate Independence Day today, July 4th, Autobytel editors chose to celebrate America by highlighting the best of American automotive manufacturing.

According to Michelle Naranjo, editor-in-chief,, “2012 is seeing a resurgence in American manufacturing: both for American brands and the collection of Japanese, German and Korean automakers who have built manufacturing plants on American soil and employ American citizens.” She continued, “the label ‘Made in America’ is something to be proud of. Whether it’s a foreign car made in America, or a traditional American manufacturer, American workers can equal or better their counterparts in the rest of the world.”

While the American automotive industry saw some pretty bleak times a few years ago, the recent comeback in sales is just an indicator of improvements that came in leaps and bounds in design, manufacturing, technology and fuel-economy sectors of automotive manufacturing.

Autobytel editors share the Autobytel and AutoPacific lists of the cars that are made in America and have the best ratings from actual owners in their respective categories. More than 75,000 new car buyers who were within their first three months of ownership were surveyed. Autobytel editors have taken those consumer ratings and compiled lists of some of the most satisfying cars that are made in America, by American brands and by foreign car companies.

Only one of those categories is related to hybrid, and the category was named “Top-Rated Hybrid Car” with the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid as winner.

Though not a hybrid, another fuel sipper won the “Top-Rated Economy Car” category, the Chevrolet Sonic.

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  • Nathanael Adamson

    The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid IS NOT BUILT IN AMERICA: IT IS BUILT IN KOREA!!!!!!!!

  • Pat Connolly

    Nathanael is exactly right. I just bought my Sonata Hybrid in June. It states right on the window sticker 98% Korean and 2% USA. It is a great car so far. The regular Sonata is made in Alabama.