Solar Car Being Pulled For Over 295 Miles

Marcelo da Luz pulls his XOF1solar car over 295 miles by hand, issuing a 28-day challenge for everyone to “Pull for the environment.”

Why attempt this crazy feat to pull a solar car?

Marcelo wants to motivate ordinary citizens to do what they can to help preserve the planet. He also wants to encourage governments to foster a mutually rewarding atmosphere for those who seek green prosperity and those in power who can make it happen.

XOF1 was designed and built in Ontario, Canada. In a streak of irony Ontario has forbidden XOF1 to drive on its public roads and created administrative roadblocks to make it virtually impossible to drive any solar car across Ontario. XOF1 can be driven in nearly every jurisdiction in the world without restriction.

Marcelo da Luz has designed and built his own solar-powered, emissions-free, electric car. This car has been driven in many parts of the world, including on the ice road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk in the Canadian Arctic.

Marcelo da Luz is on the final leg of a 295 miles (475 km) inspirational walk from Toronto to Ottawa pulling a solar car by hand on a 28 day journey. In this initiative called, “Pull for the Environment”, he issues a challenge asking Canadians to make a positive change to protect the environment.

Marcelo’s progress can be followed on his website at .

Marcelo is expected to arrive in Ottawa on Monday, May 28 at the Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario Canada at 12 p.m.

Da Luz and his solar car have broken world records. The sun powered vehicle was driven to the Arctic, around Alaska (where someone called 911 about a UFO on the road), through North America and back to the Arctic. Furthermore, it returned to the arctic a 3rd time to cross the longest ice road in the world over the frozen mighty Mackenzie River and Arctic Ocean.

Weighing 250 kg, the solar car can accelerate from zero to 50 mph in 6 seconds with a top speed of 85 mph. The vehicle can drive 130 miles (200 km) at night on a full battery or 310.6 miles (500 km) on a bright sunny day. It is the first electric automobile to reach the Arctic Circle, not once – but twice. It more than doubled the previous world distance record, clocking in at 22,436.3 miles (36,220.5 km) and counting.

Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa will be hosting Marcelo da Luz at their monthly meeting on the evening of Monday, May 28th. The general public is welcome to join during the evening of Monday, May 28 at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, in Ottawa, at 7:30 p.m.

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