Soccer Player Phil Jagielka Chooses Ampera

It is not only in the U.S. that the Chevy Volt gets chosen by celebrities.

Everton and England international soccer player Phil Jagielka has taken delivery of England’s Volt cousin, the Vauxhall Ampera extended-range electric vehicle.

A central defender with 16 international caps, Jagielka will be driving a top-of-the-range Ampera Electron in Power Blue.

“I am delighted to be driving a Vauxhall Ampera,” said Phil. “I am very grateful for all of the help Vauxhall have given me in making this revolutionary vehicle available.”

The model is well equipped with voice activated sat nav featuring street level mapping for 20 European countries, audio/video DVD player, hard drive device with 30GB music file capacity and Bose ‘Energy Efficient Series’ sound system.

“We are very pleased Phil has chosen a Vauxhall Ampera,” said Duncan Aldred, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director. “It’s great news for Vauxhall to pair one of England’s most dependable centre backs with our universally-acclaimed extended-range electric vehicle.”

Jagielka joins former Manchester United and England star-turned pundit Gary Neville in getting behind the wheel of the Ampera.  Eco-conscious Neville has been driving an Ampera for the last nine months.

Arriving in British showrooms last year, the Ampera has a real-world battery range of between 25-50 miles, after which a small range-extending generator, powered by a 1.4-litre gasoline engine, intervenes to provide up to an additional 300-plus mile range.

At all times, the Ampera’s wheels are electrically driven, setting it apart from conventional hybrid vehicles.

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