Smart To Reveal Fourjoy Concept At Frankfurt

At next week’s Frankfurt auto show, Smart will unveil its Fourjoy concept and a closer look at the third-generation Fortwo.

The latest concept following the For-us and Forstars, the Fourjoy is the Daimler-owned company’s clue on styling for the under-development Forttwo and Fourfour to be produced next year for 2015.


Its doors and roof are removed for better viewing, and notably, the car has grown significantly larger having broken out of the tiny mold of earlier Smart cars.

The fourjoy is 11.4-feet long, 6.5-feet wide, and 4.9-feet tall. Still a “city car,” its turning circle is less than 30 feet.


Power comes via a 55-kw (74 horsepower) electric motor and energy is supplied by a 17.6-kwh li-ion battery. Recharge time is stated as around seven hours on house current or er one hour using a higher current charger along with a 22-kw on-board charger and rapid state charging cable.

No claims are made for the range of this new system.


Architecture will be shared with Nissan-Renault’s next Twingo, and the platform also is a joint venture project. Said platform offers flexibility to design a number of variants including a CUV.

Carried over in the concept are square lights, lightweight construction and a Spartan interior as these were well regarded in previous concept cars.


The Fourjoy also retains the trademark Tridon cell. Where alloy is shown in the concept, high-strength steel will be used in production.

Smart says the Fortwo and Fourfour however will be positioned above prior generations, and competition for the likes of MINI.

The interior is a pure design exercise, and includes “organically” inspired seats in the front and back. Controls will be via touch screen, and styling is generally more Jestonesque than the production Fortwo can expect. .

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