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  • dutchinchicago

    I am confused why this is so complicated.

    Yes, fast charging is a problem but can not be much worse as thousands of homes switching on the air conditioning when they get home at 5pm. There is little a smart grid can do here because delaying fast charging is not an option.

    I would say that 99% of electricity used by EVs is from overnight charging at home. At that time of the day there is a huge over capacity in most regions but when more people get EVs I can imagine that they would prefer that not every car would start exactly at the same time.

    So we need a simple communication mechanism to allow the car to send how much time it needs, when it needs to be finished and how much electricity it will be drawing during that time. The smart grid needs to send a start command back and maybe pause commands when required. My washing machine, dishwasher, defroster on my refrigerator and AC could use the same protocol.

    My current variable rate electricity meter already communicates with my electricity company to report my current energy usage.We just need to extend that protocol a bit.

    People have been talking about smart grids for over a decade and nothing seems to be happening except IBM having a smart phone app in Switzerland that does the same as the smart phone apps released by every EV manufacturer.

  • Max Reid

    They are complicating too much. All it needs is a Timer in the car for charging. If I set Charging Start @ 10 pm, then I come home and connect the charger to the car @ 6 pm itself.

    But only at 10 pm it will start the charging and by 7 am or 8 am in the morning, it should have charged enough for the car to drive 20 – 30 miles.

    Similarly near the office parking lot also if there is a charger, I will connect to that charger and it may charge for anothe 20 – miles in the 8 hour period. But if we go to a place far away and all the charge is depleted, then we may go for the Level-2 or Level-3 Charger.

    Similarly the City Buses, Postal Vans and Refuse Trucks will slow charge at night and again during the lunch time, they may fast charge to get another 50-100 mile range in the afternoon.

    So both Slow & Fast Charge (Level-1, Level-2 & Level-3) will be used. As the volume expands, the grid capacity will also expand at the same pace as Plugins & EVs.

    BTW, EVs and Plugins alone are not looking to crack the Auto Market. CNG & LNG are also becoming popular, and Ethanol is going to increase from E10 to E15.

  • James Davis

    Again, what’s with the scare tactics? A smart grid is as unpractical as building 500 nuclear power plants at the same time. Why can’t businesses install solar charging stations on their parking lots and solar panels on top their buildings so employees and customers can charge their vehicles as they work or shop and pay the employer and business like they would if they are filling up their car at a gas station. When they get home, charging time will be cut to a fraction. If you go on a trip, General Electric can install super charge solar parks at every few miles that can charge your electric car in less than 30 minutes and you can pay for it just like you would a tank of gas, and there will be no power taken from the grid. With the solar parks, people will not even have to charge at home because their car will be fully charged from the solar park before they get home…and nothing will come from the grid. So why would we need a smart grid so Big Brother can snoop on our activities?

  • GreenDominion

    Solar parks are a great idea if the Sun shined 24/7/365 days of the year but it doesn’t so the disconnection from the Grid would be unwise for the purpose of consistancy and reliability.

  • stonge

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  • greg45

    I see so much coming from this in the future. We cannot overload the grid at all. This would not be good at all. The ideas will work behind this. botox

  • Bones

    Power companies are looking at ways to increase revenue without improving the transmission infrastructure. By using Smart meters, costs of daytime electricity will rise, increasing revenue. Encouraging people to use power late at night makes power stations more profitable as they are on line and generating profits rather than idling, costing money.

    Solar power competes with fossil fuel power companies revenue as solar is produced at peak demand times, during sunny days, I am referring to the peak shaving effect.

    It is unprofitable for renewable energy to be wasted due to transmission lines not being up to the job of distributing the power they produce. Many wind turbines sit idly in the wind due to this poor grid problem. By introducing a smart grid and smart metering this technology could be seen to favor traditional power generators such as oil, nuclear, coal etc. which profit more from increased demand from night time use.

    One issue I see with software deciding when a car can charge is the issue of the battery health and longevity based on the time it sits uncharged. Other Smart grid plans will use power from Evs for load balancing, these plans are also problematic. How much power will be used from the EV and how will the increase in discharge cycles affect the lifetime of the battery?

    PHEVs will be at a disadvantage, with smart metering pushing up daytime charging costs. PHEVs will be affected more than Evs. PHEVs have a lower range and people who cannot charge up at home would charge up at work.

    EVs are going to be blamed for pushing up electric bills, even when there not so many of them, compared to air conditioners.

  • SharikaLupardus

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