Smart Ebike Wins Design Award As Deliveries Begin

The company that gave the world the Smart car now wants to introduce a Smart hybrid bicycle.

The German Smart ebike has been announced as one of the winners of this year’s “Red Dot Design Award.”

The award ceremony will be held on July 2, and the first production run of electric smart bicycle is currently being shipped to dealerships.

The Smart ebike is strictly speaking a hybrid: the electric motor – a maintenance-free rear-wheel hub motor from BionX – switches on as soon as the rider starts pedaling, as with a normal bicycle. Muscle power is transmitted to the rear wheel via a lubricant-free, durable and quiet belt drive. An integrated three-speed gear hub enables simple gear changing.

The rider of the smart ebike decides how much power he wants the electric motor to deliver to support his muscle power by pressing a button on the handlebar. There is a choice of four power levels with the fourth level providing maximum pushing power. Depending on the power level selected and the manner of cycling a battery charge can last for up to 60 miles.

The 423-watt-hour lithium-ion battery has been integrated in the bike’s frame. The portable battery can be charged either at a normal socket or whilst riding, with the latter offering advantages in terms of cost and the environment. The wheel hub motor becomes as a generator when the rider brakes. The braking energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the smart ebike’s lithium-ion battery.

The Smart ebike was designed and developed by Smart and it is being produced in close cooperation with e-bike manufacturer Grace. It will be sold through smart dealerships, alongside the Smart fortwo.

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  • MrEnergyCzar

    Wow, this is a big upgrade from the pedal electric that got 15 pure EV miles or 30 total miles while pedaling. These are great for smoothing out the hills. The harder you push on the pedal (hill), the more battery power gets used…


  • Keith G

    An upgrade, yes, but not a big upgrade. The main thing will be in overall integration and trouble-free use, together with style. But at what cost? Seems likely to be quite high.

  • Octavius

    I found pricing for this at:

    The site notes:

    “The Smart eBike price list will start at just under 2,900 EUR in Germany. The ebike’s price might differ on other markets.”

    “just under 2,900 Euros” at today’s exchange rate (4/26/2012) works out to about $3800. While I like the concept, gotta wonder how many folks are likely to shell out for an eBike at that price point.

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