Silent Motorcycle Coming To A Cop Near You

The third generation of the Zero DS police motorcycle has been released.

Based on the company’s DS motorcycle (for Dual Sport), the police version.

Previous generations have been field tested by the Santa Cruz Police Department, Scotts Valley Police Department, Sebastopol Police Department, and the London Metropolitan Police.

The Zero DS is available with either a 6-kwh or 9-kwh battery, offering ranges, as measured by the EPA UDDS, of 70 or 112 miles respectively.

The motor is a high-efficiency, double-stator axial flux permanent magnet, brushless design with integrated forced air cooling controlled by a high-efficiency, 420-amp, 3-phase brushless controller with re-generative deceleration.

The 100-percent electric powertrain is nearly silent, exhaust free, produces minimal heat, has instant torque from zero rpm and is highly maneuverable. With an estimated energy cost of a penny per mile and a maintenance-free powertrain, the Zero DS police motorcycle offers the ability to save police agency money while also giving them a tactical advantage.

With no gears, clutch or noise, officers can focus on patrolling. They can perform highly technical maneuvers during intense situations where performance and agility are required. While in crowds or indoors the absence of exhaust eliminates ventilation concerns and opens up new patrolling possibilities.

Such a motorcycle allows patrolling and investigating public lands: parks beaches, dirt trails running paths. They can also be used for event safety and crowd control: concerts, parades, sporting events; and on stealth patrols or other situations where silence is an advantage.

Designed for both on or off-road use, the Zero DS offers the benefit of no shifting; instant torque from 0 rpm, a top speed of 80 mph and a maintenance-free powertrain.

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  • Duude

    Motorcycles are purposely loud as a defensive measure. This is both insane and utterly idiotic.

  • Van

    The idea that a bike must be loud to be safe seems both insane and utterly idiotic. I think the fear is once the public finds out motorbikes do not need to be loud, they will outlaw high noise level machines.

    Vehicles that our loud seem to be disrespecting the the right of others to not be annoyed with needless noise. Years ago, our culture was to respect others, now a growing model of behavior seems to be to disrespect others.

  • Max Reid

    Great Idea, replace all those Crown Vics with this Electric Motorcycle.
    Police department can save lot of money in gas bills.

    Being silent, no one will notice and will get caught if they try to do speeding. So next time they see any Electric Motorcycle, they will try to follow the speed limits.

    Even patrol vehicles can make use of this.

  • share tips

    Years ago, our culture was to respect others, now a growing model of behavior seems to be to disrespect others Share Tips