Shrink to Fit
Shrink to Fit

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  • Larry1

    Yes ‘gas’ will go up and then
    prices will flutter around, to
    eventually decline as [everyone ]
    even the politicians
    are driven in ELECTRIC vehicles
    possibly with some form of
    Hydrogen power producer..

  • artcie20

    Last year, I was shopping for a new hybrid car and then the gas prices hit $3.40 mark in the Midwest. I called one of the Toyota dealerships to ask for a 2006 Toyota Prius quote. A person who answered the phone told me that they barely have any time to answer the phone because their used-car parking lot was busy that day with all kinds of SUV’s coming in. People who owned the SUV’s decided to take a different route and buy hybrid cars. The guy told me that he would give me a really, really good deal on any of those SUV’s. They sold all their hybrid car inventory that same day. I found that really interesting….

  • Indigo

    I found this cartoon to be absolutely appalling. Suicide is no joking matter. The image was just downright foul.
    Showing the guy on a skateboard or something similar might have actually been funny. But this image, as is, was not funny at all.

  • jesse garon

    it’s a cartoon. lighten up.

  • MJ

    I agree, having the dude walking down the street or on a skateboard would have been much funnier.

  • fed up

    I cannot laugh at a cartoon that is truthful. Bush’s strategy. Make the rich richer and poor and middle class poorer. The King and serf life form!

  • Zorky

    To those who think this cartoon is in bad taste I say that the cartoonist took an absurd premise to a logical extreme. Maybe your taste isn’t “sick and twisted” but a whistling skateboarder in the last panel wouldn’t be nearly as hard hitting.

  • Naomi Babcock

    doesn’t look dead to me, looks like he’s walking down the street, and gas is too high for a vehicle.

    hell i have an electric scooter, i already know gas is too high for a car >.>