Shell Hydrogen Station Opens in Newport Beach

In Southern California, Shell has announced the opening of its fourth demonstration hydrogen fueling station in Newport Beach. Those operating hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the area will be trained to use the pump dispensers via personal access codes.

The station will be open 24 hours day and Shell says it expects around 10-12 drivers to use the two pumps on a daily basis.

Matias Sanchez Cane, North American commercial manager for Shell Alternative Energies, said that the “demonstration hydrogen filling stations allow [us] to evaluate a range of different technologies and learn valuable lessons about costs, consumer behavior and how to dispense it efficiently to different vehicles. To reduce costs and achieve its commercial potential, hydrogen requires considerable cooperation between fuel providers, carmakers, equipment suppliers and governments.”

Shell opened its first hydrogen filling station in California back in 2008 and last year, in Torrance, opened its first hydrogen dispensing facility that uses a pipeline feed to supply the gas. Further stations are expected as technology in fuel cell vehicles and infrastructure develops.

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  • John K.

    I really don’t get the point of hydrogen….

    “Short range” EVs are already here w/more on the way, w/ever improving e range.

    EVs w/on board generators are already here for long range use w/more on the way, w/ ever improving e range.

    PHVs are already here w/more on the way, w/ever improving e range.

    CNG already has a *national infrastructure* in place and is the ideal “bridge technology” to use to transition from gasoline to pure e as battery/ultracap performance improves and prices drop (lets be conservative and say for the next 15 years).

    CNG can be used by heavy trucks/semis too, which are unlikely to be pure e in the foreseeable future.

    I mean, *maybe* there is an argument for hydrogen for heavy trucks/semis, but would that justify the costs of a building a H2 national infrastructure (“hydrogen highway”) from the ground up vs CNG???