Seattle’s Police Now Utilizing Leaf EVs For Traffic Enforcement

Last week, Nissan Electric shared a tweet that the Seattle Police Department, specifically the Parking Enforcement division, will be putting to use 28 Leafs in an effort to “stay green” as Nissan put it.

While some other cities prefer a more extravagant approach to purchasing police vehicles, the Emerald City went with a different school of thought. Seeing they won’t be engaging in any high speed highway pursuits any time soon, as well as Seattle’s capable charging infrastructure, these all-electric Leafs fit the bill rather superbly.

According to autoevolution, most of these Leafs appear to be 2011 and 2012 models.

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Seattle isn’t the first police department to have tested the Nissan Leaf, the list includes numerous departments, one of which being Portugal’s Policia Seguranca Publica.

Nor is Seattle the first city within the U.S. to utilize EVs in its fleet, the New York City Police Department wields a number a Chevy Volt plug-ins to assist in handling its traffic enforcement.

With Leaf Sales in the U.S. already surpassing 75,000, and Nissan researching ways for owners to be able to charge their vehicles at work, it would be no surprise to see more cities adopt in using EVs to handle parking enforcement or duties similar.


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