Sales of Gas Cap Locks on the Rise

Expensive gasoline is not bad news for every segment of the economy. Oil companies are making out like bandits. Hybrid car sales are way up. And so are sales of gas cap locks, designed to prevent thieves from siphoning precious fuel from your tank.

All across the country, incidents of petroleum pilfering are way up. The New York Post called gas-siphoning “an epidemic.” One woman on Staten Island left her BMW in her driveway to take public transit, only to find an $80 full tank drained dry. The New York Police Department ordered 400 locking gas caps. “Demand is skyrocketing,” said Chris Hoffman, a marketing officer at automotive supplier Stant Inc., the nation’s biggest maker of locking gas caps, where orders more than doubled in the last few weeks.

Omaha, Ne.-based television station KPTM reported that several stores have sold out of gas cap locks. “50 to 70 percent more, people are definitely taking more precaution to protect their investment that they put their gas tanks,” said Michael Warman, an Advanced Auto Parts manager.

The Gilroy Dispath in Northern California wrote about a rash of gas left, including 35 gallons of gas from three cars in one location, six six gallons at another, 15 gallons from a U-Haul moving van, and 1,050 gallons of diesel and unleaded fuel, worth about $4,500, from a farm on the outskirts of town.

The farmer, Bob Filice, told the newspaper that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. “Our economy just isn’t looking so good now, and everyone’s scrambling,” Filice said. “So if you can steal something, well, I guess there are people out there who are desperate enough.”

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  • Gerald Shields

    Gas is precious. Protect your investment with Stant Gas Cap Locks!

  • Matt Miller

    Diesel fuel siphoning has been going on at the trucking company I work for for a while now. Owner Operators are mad as you know what because this is going on when they park their trucks for the night just to come back the next day and their fuel is almost all gone..

  • Michael99

    This shit can be hacked.

    If one is desperate enough they disconnect the tube going to the tank from the cap. What is your lock doing then??

  • joy29

    In an Auto Tech Stud point of view, gas cap locks are needed so that the precious gas will not evaporate in your car, well i just can’t think why gas cap locks are now being stolen or lost…no wonder the demand for the caps were huge…