Saab BioPower Hybrid

Two of the most widely discussed approaches to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles are the use of hybrid technology and the use of biofuels. It doesn’t take a big a leap of the imagination to wonder about combining the two strategies into one car.

Enter the Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept. Saab dubs the concept as “the world’s first fossil free hybrid vehicle.”

Of course, the kitchen sink approach to solving environmental problems in cars would be expensive and couldn’t solve a number of “structural” problems – but Saab deserves credit for using the concept to try to jump over each hurdle.

First, biofuel is not yet widely available in Europe. Today, there are more than 650 E85 fuel pumps in Sweden. A total of 800 pumps, covering 25% of the country’s filling stations, are targeted by the end of 2008, and there are similar efforts to establish ethanol pumps throughout Europe. Saab addresses this issue by using a direct injection system designed to burn 100% ethanol or any mixture of ethanol and petrol.

Ethanol has a higher octane rating but packs less energy per gallon of gasoline; therefore, Saab BioPower uses turbo charging to give the engine more power, without risk of ‘knocking.’ Performance is also enhanced via extra boost from the electric motors.

Even the most eco-friendly car, when stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic burns fuel unnecessarily, unless you have a “zero-mode” button on the dashboard, giving you the ability to drive all-electric at speeds lower than 20 miles per hour. The Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept has that too.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the Saab BioPower Hybrid is a convertible – which completes the fantasy of a care-free high-performance drive through the country in a bio-fuel powered hybrid.


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  • Joel in SF

    I LOVE this…FINALLY someone is hearing what us boomers want, with a convertible hybrid that is environmentally conscious. But when will we be able to actually BUY one in the US?? And how will we deal with the total lack of ethanol pumps here in our country?

  • Iris

    In computer class, our teacher directed us to find a hybrid, and build our own, and find out how much it will cost, I cant do that anywhere on your website, atleast I cant find it

  • Brianna

    Okay so now that i see this car i have to get it when is it goin to be available this is the only cute hybrid i have seen yet.

  • cd

    As long as the US oil companies call the shots and their lobbyists control our Government, we’ll probably never see the Saab BioPower car. It’s way too nice looking and people might buy it.

    The only way they’ll win is to keep hybrid cars extremely small and ugly.


    Honourable mention should also go to Saab for their Aero-X prototype, a 500hp supercar which is designed to run on 100% ethanol…

    I think Saab is definitely shooting for biofuels more than hybrids, but I think if anyone could pull off a hybrid biofuel car, it’d be Saab, because as a consumer base, we Saab owners are a strange bunch who enjoy strange features and technologies, and don’t mind paying half again the price of a Japanese or American car to get Saab quality and design. I don’t have the money for one now, but since I’ll never buy anything other than a Saab, I’m saving up for a diesel Saab special import from the UK, since they’re not available here in the US. But if this concept car goes to production, it’ll be at the top of my list.


  • Christi

    I would buy this model tomorrow if it were available where I live. I really want to switch to hybrid.

  • Rodney Charles

    Beautiful car! I can only pray we have a paradigm shift here in the USA which allows us to freely purchase environmentally sound, attractive, affordable vehicles! I remain optimistic.

  • Brian

    As a loyal Saab driver, I’d love to see GM use this brand to bring automotive engineering into the 21st century. Bio-fuel, direct-injection, electric-hybrid cars seem to be the most logical next step until electric technology and solar efficiencies increase to commercially viable levels. My only caution is to look for innovative manufacturing processes for Bio-fuels…It’s not all about corn. Cellulosic bio-fuels can be made as cleanly as corn-based bio-fuels, but without the adverse affects of fuel supply. Imagine using construction debris to fuel your car!

  • Jen

    This site is very out of date. The dodge ram hybrid has been available for ordering on line for months. Second, check Consumer Reports to get the true story about E85. The price is the same or more. The mileage difference is negligible. The emissions are almost exactly the same. There are many other options other than the ones on this site. You can get many vehicles in diesel and if you purchase the system to convert the used vegetable oil for $400.00 (unit takes up little space) you can make your own gas for about $0.70 a gallon and this biodiesel won’t harm your engine. They are now beginning to produce cars that are only available by ordering online that incorporate the electric and diesel engines. Using biodiesel from vegetable oil your only emissions would be water and the faint smell of french fries!

  • paul …

    Idiots, E85 ethanol is not environmentally friendly. There is very much supporting evidence that corn-based ethanol is a sack of shit. For one, if it was not so heavily subsidized, it would be economically impossible to manufacture.

    A short answer is that is GM is backing it, it must not be god for the environment.

    (environmentalism does not associate with consumerism)


  • charlie

    This car seems amazing.
    I’ve never seen an ethanol pump in Britain which is a shame, I’d love to own a car like this, not only is it enviromentally friendly but it actually looks good aswell.

  • JB928

    Just wanted to point out to Paul (and others) that E85 is MUCH more environmentally friendly than GAS. When the corn (or other bio-fuel) is grown, it absorbs CO2/produces Oxygen so it has a REAL impact on your overall CO2 emissions when compared to fossil fuels.

    Granted, I’m waiting for an all electric car, but until then E85 would be a good switch for alot of people ….. especially if we make it from the variety of other plants other than corn.

    Granted, GM may not care about the environment, but they want to sell cars ….. and people want cars than use less fuel, so I think we will see them soon.

  • M. Hefner


    and make it affordable PLEASE! =]

    I would totally buy it!

  • Roxy

    Will you please tell me when this car comes out so I can buy it!! PLEASE

  • kalyan ram

    I’m interested in your hybrid convertible. Please contact me with details.

  • Anonymous

    Total lack of E85 stations! Wrong. You just don’t know where to look. Check out to find a ethanol pump near you.

  • suzy!

    umm yea 1 paul you suck and your crushing this for everyone 2 we need those pumps in america

  • djfico

    Wow. This car gives me a good reason yo begin making ethanol in my own backyard.

    I found a great recipe: (tried and true!)

    Water, a pile of steamy compost, “Environmentals Inc. Top Secret” freeze-dried bacteria/fungi mixture, organic meat broth, and a fermentation unit. (visit your local vineyard, microbrewery, etc…)

    Add 1 cup water to a sterilized fermentation unit.
    Add 1/2 eyedropper meat broth
    Add a pinch of Top Secret mix
    Add 1 Tblsp. compost

    Keep unit closed for 3 days and repeat the process using double the amount.
    Do this until meat broth is used or fermentation unit fills more than halfway.
    As ethanol is extracted keep adding compost, and broth mixture.

    Basically, follow the directions on the top secret label.

  • bob the builder

    this car looks cool but the people who made the company needed to name the company or car something different!!!

  • Autos

    I really enjoy the saab, are you familiar with this year’s model?

  • patum

    i want to know about how to operating system for hybrid tecnologies because i am automobile marketer for toyota

  • patum

    i want to know about how to operating system for hybrid tecnologies because i am automobile marketer for toyota

  • patum

    i want to know about how to operating system for hybrid tecnologies because i am automobile marketer for toyota