Rocket Bicycle Goes 0-333 KPH in 4.8 Seconds

When one thinks of a “bicycle,” normally cardiovascular health and zero emissions sustainability come to mind, but such is not the case with Francois Gissy’s rocket-powered two-wheeler.

On skinny tires and spoked wheels, a video shows his long-wheelbase 560-horsepower bike leaving a 650-horsepower Ferrari 430 Scuderia like it’s standing still in a drag race, and his insane creation just cracked 207 mph (333 kph).

This beats Gissy’s last record in November of 177 mph, and his latest acceleration run hitting 1.96 gs was accomplished with three small thrusters powered by concentrated hydrogen peroxide.

An interview with Gizmag revealed Gissy – described by the publication as a “madman” – is doing it for the adrenaline rush, and challenge, obviously not the environment.

The bike accelerates like it does not just because it has 4.5 kN (around 560 horsepower) of thrust, but because it’s comparatively featherweight and there’s no tire slippage or danger of a wheelie with the push from the rocket motors.

His next feat if he can find sponsors will be to create a bike called “Spine Crusher” to propel him to 249 mph (400 kph) in 2.0 seconds.


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