Rinspeed Fools The Press Again

Auto blogging sites large and small are going gaga over Rinspeed’s announcement of a backpack. The Swiss tuner promises a rear extension for compact electric cars such as the smart fortwo EV. The extensions are modular. One is a motorized appendage that had been fueling the fantasy of EV enthusiasts for a while: If you want to go beyond the meager range of your EV, simply tow a trailer with a conventional engine. Voila, a docked range extender. Hence the name Dock+Go.

At the upcoming Geneva auto show, the Swiss trailer will be ready for inspection. It also can be used for other purposes, such as a ski transporter, a party pack, or for Pizza delivery. Latest when it comes to pizza delivery, a halfway decent auto writer should realize that not only are trailer being pulled, but also the legs of the press.You can deliver a bunch of pizza boxes on a bicycle, no need for a towed array of expensive technology.

Only Germany’s Autohaus, an industry rag that has seen everything, reminds its auto-dealing readers that “like other Rinspeed creations of the past, the concept suffers from minuscule chances of becoming reality.”

Old Geneva hands know that Rinspeed is known for whacko concepts that will never make it into production, but that always are good for headlines written by gullible editors. Did Rinspeed’s underwater car of 2008 ever go into series? Or the car that senses your mood?

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  • Shines

    Whether Rinspeed does it or not – I think it is a great idea. ( I am not sure the Smart is structurally sound enough to tow anything, but It seems like a reasonable option for maybe a Leaf). Instead of carrying the ice with the vehicle all the time (like the Volt) You hook it up only when taking longer trips. I would imagine the Volt’s range would double if it didn’t have to carry the ice engine, fuel tank, radiator and transmission with it all the time.

  • CharlesF

    Shines, I think Volt as an EV would be more like 35% more, to around 48-50 miles range. The battery is only 16 KWh.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    Crazy concept.


  • douglas prince

    Excellent article. I often screech at these hair-brained pipe-dreams that get touted on these boards (remember the nuclear-reactor driven car?) and are never given a thorough going over with the Reality Stick.