Rimac Concept_One Pace Car Supplied To Formula E

Rimac Automobili is supplying the new Formula E championship with one of its blazing-fast Concept_One supercars, and is giving rides to passengers too.

The 1,088-horsepower, 1,180 pounds-feet-torque all-wheel-drive all-electric car is as quick to 60 mph as the Formula E cars, and its actual purpose is as a pace car and track inspection vehicle for the series.

If you’ve not heard, Rimac is based in Croatia, near Zagreb, and describes itself as “a family of enthusiasts, engineers and designers that set up in 2009 to find new ways of making cars faster, and to prove to the world that electric cars can be fun.”

Its $980,000 Concept_One naturally dovetails with the ethos of the Formula E championship.

“Racing has always been the driver of innovation. It is the reason for our very existence as Rimac Automobili was born as the result of my passion for racing and electronics. We believe that the Formula E series will be an incubator for thousands of innovations and technologies that will contribute to the adaptation of electric drivetrain technology in many applications. It only makes sense that a car that is truly embracing the possibilities of the technology takes part in the series – the Concept_One shows already today what tomorrow’s technology can do. Our strong partnership with the Formula E series is a unique opportunity to push the limits even further.”


Rimac’s brutally fast car may not be able to hold a corner or brake as quickly as the purpose-made lightweight racers equipped with active downforce, but with its four-wheel torque vectoring by four independent motors, it promises to be serious excitement on wheels.

Who will be given track rides in the car has not been said, but the passenger rides aspect sounds like a nice perk and likely there’ll be no shortage of takers when the offer to take a hot lap is made.

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