Renting a Hybrid Just Got Easier

June 17, 2007: Source – Baltimore Sun

Prius for rent

If you’ve tried to rent a hybrid recently, you may not have had much luck. Enterprise has a few at some locations, and Fox Car Rental offers hybrids only in California and Phoenix. Toyota dealers will sometimes rent out a Prius through Toyota Rent-a-Car, but not always.

That could change with a couple of big rental-car names jumping into the game. Avis Budget Group will add 1000 Prius rentals to its fleets beginning this week, and Hertz plans to invest $68 million to buy 3400 of the hybrids over the next year.

As reported by the Associated Press in the Baltimore Sun:

Hertz said its hybrid vehicles will be available for rent at 50 of the company’s U.S. airport locations, with 100 of them reserved for its New York City fleet.

John Barrows, a spokesman for Avis, said his company will offer Prius hybrids in its California, Portland, Ore., Seattle and Washington, D.C., markets but might expand the locations in the future based on consumer demand.

It looks like Hertz shows the most promise for getting hybrids into rental markets across the US. Still, not all carmakers are enthusiastic about providing their cars for rent. An Austin-area Honda dealer says it’s against corporate policy to sell to rental fleets, citing desire to keep resale values high for consumers.


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  • Mike

    This is a very responsible thing to do, because people who rent a small car don’t always know what kind of car they are getting. when they get the Prius, they can be happy knowing they are helping to save the planet.

  • Jerry

    The more exposure the better. Most people would be very open to renting one as a “long-term test ride” or very economical rental, especially in a large city like NYC, Boston etc

  • Andy

    Little people know this, but you can actually rent a Toyota from a participating Toyota Dealership !!

  • Mike

    This is great! I recall reading in the Wall Street Journal last year, that rental companies were jacking up the cost of a standard car, and reducing the price of SUVs, once-called an “upgrade,” since nobody wanted to rent an SUV.

  • ecd4me

    This should be great for business. Millions of people are curious about hybrids and would cross the street to that other rental store that offers them. Anyone old enough to remember when motels advertised “waterbeds available” on their marquee for the many travelers who had never slept on one?