Renault-Nissan Alliance Bringing Self-Driving Zoes to Paris Test Run

Renault-Nissan Alliance will be testing electric self-driving vehicles for mobility services in France with transport operator Transdev.

The research project will start with field tests in the Paris-Saclay business district. Customers will get a ride in a driverless all-electric Renault Zoe for public transportation or on-demand rides. Transdev will provide an on-demand dispatch, supervision, and routing platform.

Transdev, formerly Veolia Transdev, is a France-based private/public transport operator with operations in 19 countries.

The collaboration’s mission is creating a comprehensive, modular transportation system. Users can easily book rides, and mobility operators can use the technology to monitor and run self-driving car fleets.

“As the mobility services landscape keeps evolving, we have a great opportunity to offer innovative, connected mobility solutions for the evolving needs of our customers, fully aligned with our vision of a zero-emission, zero-fatalities society,” said Ogi Redzic, Renault-Nissan Alliance senior vice president of connected vehicles and mobility services.

Transdev sees the future of transportation defined by the P.A.C.E. concept – personalized, autonomous, connected, and electric, said Yann Leriche, chief performance officer at Transdev.

The French transport operator is involved in a series of pilot autonomous vehicle deployments in multiple countries, and is currently operating the world’s first commercial driverless service on a campus in Civaux, France.

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Renault-Nissan Alliance has been dedicated to partnerships like this one to support advanced connected-car technologies and mobility services. Microsoft is one of these partners, through developing a platform designed to make driving more intuitive, intelligent, and fun.

Nissan launched its ProPilot auto drive system in July as a step toward autonomous vehicles. ProPilot keeps a safe distance from cars ahead by modulating speed, and can apply brakes to bring the car to a complete stop when necessary.

Renault-Nissan Alliance plans to launch more than 10 vehicles with autonomous driving technology in the next four years. One of the partners will be Mobileye, which provides a camera system using technology from sensor supplier Mobileye in the ProPilot system.

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