Renault Investing In France’s Future Electric Transport Workforce

The Renault Foundation is part of the launch of a training course for future professions in the electric transport and automobile sector.

The Renault Foundation is supporting and helping create France’s first professional diploma (a French license) on eco-mobility. The new training course is for students with two years’ further education (Bac+2 or professional-experience diploma) and is organized in partnership with the IUT technology institute in Mantes (Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin).

The objective is to finance a training program for students involved in work-study programs to enhance their employability and prepare them for mid-manager job positions in the following fields:

  • electric vehicle design, production and after-sales service;
  • onboard IT systems;
  • charging infrastructure.

Students are selected on the basis of social criteria “so as to better foster equal opportunities”. Applicants must hold a two-year degree in further education or a French level-three approved diploma and be interested in science and industry. Registration is open through June 16, 2012 on the (French language) Web site, on the training course page.

The 20 students of the first class will benefit from an 11-month internship split. The split will be one week of classroom learning followed by two weeks of hands-on experience at their host company.

The team in charge of the project at the foundation will remain attentive to the students’ needs throughout, and even after, the course through collective and individual training sessions.

As part of the professional diploma program, a coaching system has been organized to give young people the best possible chance to find a host company in order to sign their internship contract and also to help them integrate the job world once they have their diploma in hand.

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