Renault Introduces New Clean Diesel Engines

French automaker Renault has developed a pair of new light-duty clean diesel engines, the Energy dCI 90 and 75 (signifying their respective horsepower ratings). Fuel consumption of these new motors is said to be around 53 miles per gallon (4.4-liters per 100 km), resulting in equivalent emissions output of around 115 gram of CO2 per kilometer.

Helping the engines achieve these goals, are features such as Diamond Like Carbon coated cam followers, designed to reduce friction for improved performance and fuel economy, plus standard stop/start technology and Energy Smart Management braking/deceleration energy recovery.

With the introduction of dCI 90 and 75 engines that will initially be offered in the small Kangoo delivery/passenger van, Renault says it has ushered in a new phase in powertrain development. This is part of the automaker’s plan to become the number one vehicle brand in Europe with the lowest overall emissions. Besides clean diesel technology, Renault is also embarking on an ambitious electric vehicle program in order to help achieve these objectives.

The dCI 90 and 75 will be showcased in the Kangoo at the Geneva Motor Show next month, with projected deliveries to commence in France shortly thereafter.

Although Renault doesn’t currently sell vehicles in the U.S., given its strategic alliance with Nissan, there’s a chance that some of its clean diesel engines could eventually show up here, especially as tighter fuel economy standards now require automakers to push for new ways to save a fuel and diesels gain wider acceptance among U.S. motorists.

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