Renault Displaying Longer Range Kangoo To Business Customers in Brussels

Renault’s commercial vehicle division will be displaying the new longer-range Kangoo Z.E. all-electric electric van next month at the European Motor Show in Brussels.

Renault Pro+ will present the new Kangoo on Jan. 13 with its new motor/battery package that will increase the model’s driving range by more than 50 percent. Renault says that its range is increasing from 170 kilometers (105.6 miles) to 270 km (167.7 miles) based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). That’s the equivalent of 200 km (124.2 miles) in ”real conditions,” according to Renault.

Longer-range Kangoos and Renault Zoes were launched in October. Consumers are waiting for another Renault-Nissan Alliance electric car, the second generation Nissan Leaf, to roll out with hopefully more range.

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The new Kangoo Z.E. offers the longest available driving range in the small van market and has been the largest selling electric utility vehicle in Europe for the past three years. Renault describes the electric van as being right for environmentally-conscious business customers who enjoy driving it and gaining from its carrying capacity and competitive operating costs.

The electric van is manufactured at Renault’s Maubeuge plant in northern France. The French automaker says that more details will be revealed on the Kangoo Z.E. at the January auto show.


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