Remember The 1997-98 Electric Chevy S10 Pickup?

Many of our readers are aware GM has been researching vehicle electrification for several years.

GM’s well-known electric vehicle effort in the 90’s was the EV1, but this was not the only application of the manufacturer’s research. Another electric product was launched in 1997, with a lot less public visibility: the Chevrolet Electric S10 pickup truck.

We are not talking here about one of those home-built conversions we sometimes hear of. The Chevrolet Electric S10, often referred to as the S10EV, was a two years effort – 1997 and 1998 – and was a fleet exclusive. Like the EV1, these were mostly offered as a lease, but up to 60 units were sold outright.

We stumbled upon one of them in Chambersburg, PA on this government auction site. Act quickly if you always dreamed of owning one as the auction closes March 22 at 5 p.m.

This electric S10 is powered by an 85-kw, 3-phase, liquid cooled AC electric motor coupled to a lead acid battery pack. Manufactured by Delco Electronics, the 1,400-pound pack groups 27 batteries, with one being designated as an “auxiliary” cell. Charge time is approximately 2.5 hours according to the auction site, and the S10 range is around 45 miles.

Adapting the EV1 technology to this vehicle meant GM had to convert this pickup truck to front wheel drive, not keeping the original rear-wheel-drive layout of the gas-powered S10.

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  • James Davis

    GM said that they needed $450 billion dollars to retool their plant before they could start building electric cars and then they come out with the Volt, a hybrid, that they call ‘an extended range electric vehicle’, that costs $45,000 dollars and that can’t even get 40 miles on the most advanced battery in the world and takes 16 hours to charge, but yet they could get 45 miles on a pack of acid batteries 15 years ago that could charge in under 3 hours.

    GM, you and your republican ways, are screwing with the American people who handed you the $450 billion dollars you claimed you needed. Get with the program and get a nice looking electric car mass produced for under $20,000, can seat five and can get 400 miles between charges and can charge in under one hour. There is no use telling us that you cannot do it, for we know you can, and we want it before 2015 and president Obama leaves office.

    Show America that you are not the greedy, gas guzzling idiot you are portraying yourself to be. You use to be the best automaker in America…what the Hell happened?

  • Capt. Concernicus

    @ James,

    $450 billion? Really? The first time you typed it I could excuse it as a typo, but you typed it twice so I’m less inclined to think it was a typo, but more of way to try and distort the facts.

    Granted I’m not a fan of GM by any means, but to erroneously distort the story is just plain wrong.

    Good luck getting your fantasy car before 2015. I think you forgot that it needs to be able to tow 10,000 lbs.

  • an early Volt owner

    James –

    All of your numbers in the first paragraph are flat out wrong. My Volt takes 3.5 hours to charge on L2, and 10 hours to charge on L1. Most people get more than 40 miles of range, and I know of several people who have gotten over 50 miles. I’m currently at 3000+ miles on the tank of gas that I bought last August.

    Everyone else –

    Ignore the haters. They’re wrong. Do some research and you’ll see.

    GM has pulled off an amazing achievement with the Volt.

    First they ignore you.
    Then they laugh at you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then you win.

    FYI, one of these S-10 EV pickups was for sale in Atlanta just last week.

  • greg45

    I definitely forgot about chevy building these in the 90’s. They did not work out very good but the ideas were so good. They were the only one making a big effort towards electric here. SO good to see. SharePoint