Regret or Rejoicing?

Celebrate Everyday

When you pull out of your driveway in the morning, are you in a state of rejoicing – or regret?

As we go through our day, we are constantly making choices based on the values we hold within ourselves. Think how many of those values have been imposed upon you over the years—from work, friends, family, and society. Think for a moment about how those values define you, much more than the things you have.

When you are able to experience any given value in your life – fully and completely – you can create something for rejoicing. Denying those values creates regret. The power to choose between rejoicing and regret is ours, and ours alone. We can all make great strides in our daily lives by realizing how much more powerful and enriching our day could be when we decide to rejoice.


How might you go forward by creating more deep and lasting moments of rejoicing – instead of reacting for the short term with regret?

Can you celebrate today and everyday in some small way?

Andrew Grant is the world’s first hybrid taxi driver. He introduced his Prius taxi to the not-so-mean streets of Vancouver in 2000, and logged 200,000 miles in just 25 months. Andrew’s Prius was snatched by Toyota. The automaker wanted a chance to study the durability of the hybrid batteries and other components, which held up amazingly well. See this video for details. He’s now driving his third Prius. Andrew has taken a break from taxi-driving, and now works as a professional coach helping his clients achieve personal excellence in various fields of endeavor.

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  • indigo

    I am happy every time I turn the ignition key on my 2003 Civic Hybrid. The engine is *very* quiet, the instrument cluster is pretty and efficient, and the car stops on a dime. The “cool factor” of having the car go silent at stop signs and traffic lights can’t be overlooked! The car gets decent gas mileage (low 40s for me). And even after 3.5 years and 94,500 miles the car is just as reliable and fun as the day I drove it off the lot. The only thing I’d change is having it come with a better stereo. In the grand scheme of things, that’s small potatoes.

    For the anti-hybrid crowd who gripe about the “hybrid surcharge”, I’ll say this: I didn’t spend $20,000 on a car because I was too cheap to buy gas. I spent $20,000 on a fun, reliable, pretty, efficient, and ecologically responsible car. The real test of “value” is whether you’re happy with your purchase. In the case of my Civic Hybrid, it’s been worth every penny

  • paul

    Congratulations, Indigo. I just rolled over 100,000 trouble-free miles on my 2003 HCH. I also celebrate having a great car every day.

  • evenjack

    I get happy feet whenever I drive off in my 2004 Prius. Fifty-One mpg and holding after two years, one month and 42,000 miles. I’m still waiting for my first problem with it. It’s a wonderful car. I truley wish Detroit could do the same.

    P.S. I’m a Republican, retired military, school teacher. I eat red meat, and think the only worthwhile PC is what I’m typing on right now.

  • Seenuinoz

    Hello, Jesse here from Hingham MA. I currently own a 2002 prius with 223,270 miles and COUNTING. No battery problems or engine trouble. I have taken the car to Alaska and back trouble free. Also easily meet or beat current epa rating of 52 city 45 hwy. I am wondering what the current mileage record is and if maybe I acutally have it.

  • lizzybehaves

    I celebrate life everyday. I had cancer and I almost died from it. Its not the material things in life. Its celebrating life, living another day. Just to be able to say I love you to one of your family members or friends. One more day of living and living life to the fullest. Our morals, and values in life have changed. The kids are disrespectful and spoiled they aren’t being traught Morals. They abuse their parents, turn them in for disciplining them. It isn’t right. I had to respect my elders and so on. And no I have no regrets on anything I have done. I am at peace with myself. Knowing I will go to a better place. No pain, no agnoy, and no suffering. Hope you all feel the smae. lizzy

  • Guest

    For those interested the 2004 Prius Yellow Cab in Vancouver B.C. Canada is currently at 386,000 kms (approx. 240,000 miles. When it passes 400,000 kms Toyota for the last time will give me a 2006 Prius in exchange for the 2004 Prius. No regrets for being the first to put a Prius Taxi on back on November 2000….just rejoicing.

  • Guest

    Thank You Jack! It’s great to hear from happy Conservative Hybrid owners. There is hope for America!

    By the Way, I believe Andrew is Canadian and benefits from Universel Health Insurance. This makes choosing a career that makes you “happy” much easier than in the USA. I’m stuck in a job that’s been old for a long time now. But I can’t easily leave and start my own business. Employer provided health insurance is like a pair of golden handcuffs for many Americans.

    If the USA had something like “Universal Medicare” millions of hard working Americans would probably leave there corporate jobs and start their own small businesses. This would increase everyone’s happiness and be great for the economy.

    Of course taxes would be higher, but we’d all have a benefit – garunteed coverage. And the self-employed wouldn’t be paying $800 a month for health insurance, or worse, going without it.

  • Guest

    On the RARE occassion, I do regret buying the 06 HCH, when the EX Model was $3k less. I will not have the vehicle long enough to make up the additional costs. Then I drive my HCH and look at the MPG readout and think about the future for my children. If there aren’t enough of us to purchase this new type of technology, then corporations will not proceed with it. I remember my first CD costing $29.95 and the player was $695.00! All my friends and family said I was crazy for buying into it because nothing will ever replace the cassette player. Now look at the industry. I am hoping that my purchase of a Hybrid will assist with the same. A future of cleaner, higher mileage vehicles, no matter what type of fuel they burn.

    So, here’s to the future and doing it with few regrets!

  • jmiller123

    Thank you for posting such a “sweet” topic. This is refreshing and oh, so important.

  • timc

    I have been trying to negotiate a purchase of (a) Prius, (b) HCH, or (c) Insight for about 6 months. I get close to doing it, but cannot stomach the snobbish attitude of the dealers. The salesperson talks like he/she invented the car, and asks you to bend over and thank them at the same time. I own a 2005 Scion Xa and 2005 Civic Ex with combined miles of 85k in one year. Yeah, we DRIVE! I hope to live long enough to see WalMart or Costco sell these cars in the store, without useless salespersons, and at a reasonable cost. Why do we need pretentious dealers to sell us what we know we want? They really get in the way of a good thing.

  • Guest


    Try doing all your negotiating and ordering through the internet. I have purchased my last two vehicles this way with no haggling or pressure from salesmen. I usually involve multiple dealers and let all know I have requested quotes from other dealers. I was in and out of the showroom in one hour, just had to sign documents which were already printed and waiting.

    Best of luck!

  • Guest

    My only regret is that I wish I’d bought a 2006 Prius instead of the 2005. Better tax breaks AND nicer colors. Other than that, I LOVE my car – it’s quiet, comfortable and saves me time every morning (hybrids in California can go in the car pool lanes with the proper stickers).

  • Guest

    I think it’s interesting how many hybrid users prefer to use their fuel economy to drive many, many miles instead of reducing how much they use by maintaining or reducing their number of iles driven. A 2002 Prius with 200,000+ miles has used more fuel than an environmentalist with a 2002 Expedition, whos has conserved by reducing his use to 50,000 miles.

  • c.alberhasky

    We own a 2004 Prius which we have no regrets purchasing. We just broke 31000 miles. By the way, a true environmentalist would have put that 50,000 miles on a hybrid instead of the Expedition.

  • Guest

    Some people may use their fuel economy from their 2002 Prius hybrid to drive more mile than if they had an 2002 Expedition.Then again some people could drive a 2002 Expedition but instead bought a 2002 Prius and were able to reduce their amount of driving instead of increasing it and could possible then be renting an Expedition when they require the use of one. Myself with a Prius being used as a taxi 24 hours a day gets 100,000 mile a year put on it. It’s not because it gets great gas mileage that it is driven so much, but because it is a part of the requirement of a vehicle when it is being used as a taxi. I am sure that there are other owners of hybrids due to their occupation have to put on a lot of mileage on every year. I know myself the reason I chose a Toyota Prius hybrid was not only because of the fuel economy but also, less total pollutants per/mile of driving (engines never idle in a hybrid) less total amount of repairs and service compared to other vehicles, less total amount of resources used to construct the vehicle and just trying to do my small part in the big picture of things.

    There have been time in the past few years when I have needed use of vehicles like the Expedition. When I have, I’ve rented one. Then I go back to driving my Prius with no regrets.

  • Guest

    One point I want made clear that this was a vehicle that was being used as a taxi not a private vehicle….if you were to also take in consideration that the vehicle is on the road 22-24 hours a day 7 days a week and was never built to be used as a taxi. I think if you talked to other taxi owners around the world about the amount of money they would spend in parts and labour in the same distance driven as on this Prius, you would find that they are spending more money and down time then those that own Prius’s as taxis….in all fairness if you were to make a comparison should it not be with a Toyota truck? One of the reasons I love Toyota is that when you replace a part outside the warranty period you recieve a lifetime parts and labour for no charge replacement if it needs to be replaced again…that includes taxi’s.

  • Guest

    Tim, let me know when you would like to connect and share the data I have to help you with your comparison of current taxi cars compared to hybrid cars.

  • tim

    Thanks! Please email me at tim at greentaxi dot org. You can see my current progress at

  • Guest

    Sorry if this is off topic, but I’m working on a pro-hybrid speech for school and I’ve just finished watching the “World’s First Hybrid Taxi” video and reading all of your blogs, and all I gotta say is that this is probably the best/useful information I’ve ever found in one place. I’ve done reseach and interviews with other people who owned a Prius, but none of them have ever given me so much useful information. Thanks. Your name will be credited in my speech.

  • travel

    I want to donate a bottle of a product that is patented to increase vehicle mileage and clean the environment.


    Hi all. Thought you might like to know that here in the UK, my company MORE TH>N insurance (part of the Royal & Sunalliance group) was the first insurer to annouce a discount for hybrid car drivers. The discount is up to 13 per cent and we hope it will encourage more people to switch to a hybrid. LPGs will also follow soon. You can read all about it at