‘Quietest Parade Ever’ Sets Hybrid Record in Wisconsin

Hundreds of hybrid owners joined together in Madison, Wis., on Sunday to set the Guinness world record for the longest hybrid parade ever staged. The previous record was set last year in Belgium, and totaled 140 hybrids. Sunday’s procession consisted of 208 vehicles, which completed a 2.1-mile loop in about 20 minutes. Organizers had hoped for as many as 500 hybrids, but nevertheless had no problem beating the Belgium record.

The event, sponsored by an area Toyota dealership called Smart Motors, was dubbed the “quietest parade ever,” and for good reason. Traveling at steady speeds of about 5 mph, most of the participating vehicles were able to remain in electric-only mode for much of the drive. Organizers say that between the more than 200 cars in attendance, only about 4 gallons of gas were consumed.

According to Smart Motors, hybrid drivers from as far away as Florida, Texas and Quebec participated in the record-setting feat. Many of the hybrid owners were in town to participate in Madison’s sixth annual Green Drive Expo, which took place over the weekend and included an MPG challenge, allowing hybrid owners to test their hypermiling skills against one another before coming together in the spirit of green comradery to set the record.

The parade consisted largely of Toyota Prii, but other vehicles on-hand included Camry, Lexus, Honda Insight and Ford Escape hybrids. Madison has long been a hub of environmentalism and green driving, but with the San Francisco Bay Area Green Drive Expo just months away, one wonders how many hybrids show up if such an event were to be staged there.

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  • Anonymous

    And thanks to the brains in the US government, future parades such as this will no longer be quiet but will resonate with hundreds of artificial noise generators, making them sound like Jetsons conventions….

  • Capt. Concernicus


    Unfortunately you’re probably correct.

    I like the 4 gallons of gas stat.

  • DC

    4 gallons of gas, to move those cars 2 miles. Well guess what, I can go 20-25miles a day and i can cover that distance in 20-30 mins easily useing zero gallons and no rare earths.

    A wonderful ZEV, i call it….

    My Bike.

    Btw, EVs with superior speed and range far surpassing the chevron patent restricted batteries in those wonder-cars were allready available, 100 years ago.

    Happy motoring.

  • Ronald Hansen

    Somebody calculated the calorie consumption of a bicyclist as compared to a driver and it came out to somewhere around 72 mpg.

    A significant percentage of those 208 cars exceed 72 mpg.

  • Anonymous

    The 4 gallon stat is a joke. As much as hybrid cars can be very effective in saving gas, it isn’t all in in the spirit of gas saving to organize a convention where people drive from other states just to show off their gas saving car or break some world record.

  • David Bonbons

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  • lasika athon

    Organizers say that between the more than 200 cars in attendance, only about 4 gallons of gas were consumed. text spy