Quantum Displays PHEV Ford F-150

From June 19-22 Quantum Technologies is showcasing an extended-range electric vehicle conversion of the Ford F-150 pickup at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference in Williamsburg, Va.

With similar range performance to a Chevy Volt, the PHEV version of one of America’s best-selling light-duty trucks is said to go 35 miles in all-electric mode, then shift to hybrid-electric mode for a total range of over 400 miles.

Obviously the internal combustion range is dependent on fuel tank size. Requests for fuel economy info and more information were not returned by deadline, but we are surmising internal combustion engine performance is similar to a stock F-150.

As it is, Quantum reports the truck already has $14 million in pre-orders from “two major fleet customers with strong interest being generated from large corporations, utilities and fleet customers.”

The hybrid F-150 incorporates the company’s “F-Drive” system merging an electric powertrain with a petrol powertrain to eliminate range anxiety – a requirement for many fleets. Quantum says it will meet Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board emission requirements.

Quantum is known for having worked also with Fisker developing its similar “Q-Drive,” and we recently reported its powertrain is being developed for military fleet applications as well.

The company was previously known as an innovator in fuel cell technology, but more recently has switched its attention to battery electric and petrol-based internal combustion innovation as the market has shifted in favor of PHEV technology.

The F-150 will incorporate Dow Kokam Lithium-ion batteries, but few technical specs were released.

What is known is the F-drive was developed not for individual consumers at this time, and the system is similar to the Q-drive in the Fisker.

The positive news for consumers is corporate fleet needs for efficient cost-effective vehicles and resultant large contracts are another market stimulus to continue developing hybrid and electric vehicle technology.

“We are pleased to showcase the F-150 PHEV at EUFMC, which is one of America’s largest showcases for utility vehicles and work trucks,” said Alan Niedzwiecki, the president and CEO of Quantum. “All fleets are faced with the challenge of reducing operating costs and lowering carbon footprint and emission profile. The F-150 PHEV provides a solution to that challenge.”

Source: Quantum Technologies.

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  • cristopher aguilar

    400 mile range, 26 gallon tank equals 15mpg…Are we suppose to be going backwards?

  • MrEnergyCzar

    That must be one huge battery pack…. 25 KW maybe?

  • Jim Jones

    My 2001 dodge ram 5.2 liter only gets 11.5 mpg so 15 mpg would be a step up.

  • Mr. Fusion

    Any information about payload/towing capacities?

  • Mr. Fusion

    Will there be a 4×4 version?

  • Old Man Crowder

    According to Quantum’s site, the truck is a 4X4, the payload is 900 lbs and has a towing capacity of up to 5800 lbs. Comes in Regular or SuperCab w/ 145″ wheelbase.

  • mls21

    Why are you assuming a 26 gallon tank? I didn’t read that anywhere in this short article.

    If I were going to assume anything, it would be that the standard F-150 fuel tank was reduced in size to accommodate the batteries. Of course, I have no idea how big a standard F-150 fuel tank is either.

  • Charles

    mls21, the standard F-150 fuel tank is 26 gallons.

  • Capt. Concernicus

    @ Jim Jones,

    OUCH! Multiply your mileage by 4 and then add another 4 and you’ll get the exact same MPG as my 2nd gen Prius (50.0 mpg).

    Of course I don’t need to pull or carry objects that need a bed of a pick up truck or a trailer hitch like you might need.

  • Joe

    Trucks are needed in the United States, little car people stop being biased against truck people. Beside going to Home Depot with a Prius and having a board sticking out your side or back window looks very tacky.

  • Old Man Crowder

    Yeah. I hate looking tacky when I’m doing home renovations. It’s a good reason to burn more fuel.

  • Nasdram

    Also, how often are you doing home renovations? No friends or car rental possible for the maximum of 2 times a year you need to carry long heavy wooden beams?

  • Chuck

    Ford is working on solution for pickup truck and that’s two thumbs up from me. F150 is KING of pickup trucks in U.S. market. People will buy them not thinking how many miles they’ll need to drive to off set the initial cost like everyone who bought hybrids in past. I’ll post the calc when the real life mpg is said…

  • Capt. Concernicus

    No one said trucks aren’t needed. If you’re working for, own a business or in an area where a 4×4 is needed then yes buy a truck.

    If you’re using the excuse for that one time home renovation to own a truck then you’re only fooling yourself.

    Also it sounds like you’re biased against people who are being smart and trying to save the country from being as dependent on oil from foreign countries.

  • mls21

    My point about the gas tank size was directed at the first comment in the thread. The article mentions a 400 mile range for this variant of the truck, but the comment assumed this variant has a standard 26 gallon tank. That assumption doesn’t make sense to me. A better assumption would be that the gas tank size would be reduced to make room for the electric motor batteries and the 15 mpg number tossed out would be better (possibly much better). Calculating a mpg number for a vehicle that can run on batteries for a short time isn’t all that useful anyway.

  • Mr. Fusion

    Thanks for the specs on towing and payload Old Man Crowder.

    For a half ton, these are pretty low numbers, but a great step in the right direction.

    I’m glad to see the truck bashing down to a dull roar.

    I saw an ev concept vehicle drawing a long time a go. It was a two-part pick-up truck. The passenger compartment was it’s own vehicle with it’s own motors and 4 wheels. The “bed” had two wheels with it’s own motors as well. You could hook up and have extra power and payload capacity when needed. Another brilliant idea I hope I will see come to life one day.

  • Nasdram

    Don’t get me wrong. If you need a truck for work go for it.
    Its just that a lot of the people that have a truck i see using it for stuff that you could do in a mini cooper for a huge amount of the driving.
    Which is still somewhat fine, though i feel that i subsidise their choice of vehicle through gas subsedies but ok, not completely their faul.

    What really gets me though if they then continue to whine about too high gas prices. I come from europe and am currently staying in the US to get my PhD and i can tell you gas here is dirt cheap.