Production Version of Chevy Bolt EV Concept Will Be Called … The Chevrolet Bolt EV

Never mind all the suggestions floating out there that the Bolt EV concept that was nearly surprise-revealed January in Detroit sounds too much like “Volt.”

And forget all the reports that Chevrolet may name it something else.

Without confirming exactly when it will be put into production a name has been decided, says Chevrolet: Its name will stay the same, as “Bolt” has a certain positive ring to it.

“The decision is made,” said marketing boss Tim Mahoney to USA Today. “The name won’t be changed.”

In more benign language, the automaker issued an e-mailed statement to The Detroit News explaining a bit more of its rationale for the EV expected to be a 2017 model and to cost $37,500 and go 200 miles or more on a single charge.

“Since unveiling the Bolt EV three months ago, the name has quickly become associated with Chevrolet,” the company said. “Therefore, we will use the name when the vehicle goes into production. The Bolt EV is a significant statement of Chevrolet’s commitment to electrification and the name suits this game-changing electric vehicle designed for attainability, not exclusivity.”

The Volt of course is an extended-range EV, and Chevrolet spokesman Michael Albano said GM decided over the past month to stick to its original name.

It did weigh feedback from potential customers and dealers, he said, and “our belief that the name is a good fit and the association with Volt was seen as a positive.”

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