Prius Most Popular Automotive Badge In California For 2012

Californians who have the impression they see Toyota’s Prius everywhere are not far from the truth.

Toyota’s Prius-badged vehicles were the most popular new vehicles with California drivers during the 2012 calendar year.

According to R.L Polk, the Prius family cars, which included the Prius Liftback, Prius v, Prius Plug-in, and Prius c, accounted for 61,893 vehicles registered in California.  This makes the Prius the No. 1 vehicle badge sold in the south-western state.

This is in line with the trend shown by the state’s consumers who are adopting gasoline-electric hybrid technology and putting more of these vehicles on the road.

“Consumers are drawn to the Prius vehicles because of the brand’s focus on efficiency,” said Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager of Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.  “All four distinct Prius models offer outstanding fuel economy.”

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