Prius C Tops Reliability Survey; Toyota Brands Dominate

Toyota scored big in this year’s Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey with its three brands, Scion, Toyota and Lexus, claiming the three top spots.

Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey analyzes subscribers’ experiences with 1.2 million new vehicles to attempt to predict future reliability.

Of the 27 models in the brand’s lineup, 16 earned the highest rating; the Toyota Prius c received the top score overall.

Strangely, the Prius c did not score well enough in Consumer Reports’ testing to be recommended … But comes well-recommended reliability-wise by its subscribers.

Scion claimed first spot brand-wise, with Toyota second and Lexus third. Toyota’s three brands are followed, in order of ranking, by Mazda, Subaru and Honda.

Cadillac moved up 14 spots this year becoming the top domestic brand.

Ford, which was Detroit’s leader a couple years ago, fell markedly in this year’s report. This fall is partially due to a wave of new models coming in with with more problems than normal; as well as to the problematic MyFord and MyLincoln infotainment systems. Consumer Reports also stated that in addition, three historically reliable models–the Ford Escape and Fusion and Lincoln MKZ–were redesigned for 2013 and not included in the analysis.

The complete report on reliability can be accessed here.

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  • Volume Van

    Toyota has sold more than 3 million Prius worldwide and 4 million Hybrids.

  • Michael Rehkemper

    Just letting everyone know that these are not accurate findings. Consumer Reports has been found biased in the past, and people should not take these “opinions” seriously. Look at the link above, it shows how consumer reports get their findings, and that this is in fact not proof the most reliable car it Toyota. I started researching this after I owned a Toyota that had MANY MANY problems in a span of 2 years.

    Problems with my Toyota Camry in 2 years:

    High Pressure hose leak. Took 8 hourse to change
    Auto Locks
    Belt noise, fixed with a washer.
    Spark plug wire, hole burned in it from engine heat.
    Transmission issues, was able to fix without replacing.
    Overheating issues:Relay, replaced worked for 6 months, again more overheating, replaced Radiator Fan, finally had to Replace Radiator.
    Radio Malfunctioning
    Shortly after it started I sold the car.

  • Shines

    I owned a 2001 Camry. I drove it for over 3 years and had virtually no problems – best car I ever owned. My son is now driving it without issue. Consumer Reports may not be the best way to guage car reliability, but owner surveys are fairly accurate. I’ve owned Che ys and Dodges and their reliability hasn’t compared. Consumer reports does indicate that all brands reliability has improved. I currently own an 08 Mariner hybrid. We’ll see how it holds up.

  • Patrick008


    Poor guy! Sorry for your tough luck.
    Toyota products are not known to have that kind of problem. What year is your Camery?

    Since 1993 we had Sienna, Corlla, 4 runner and Camry Hybrid, my only repair is about $280 on the air condition of my Sienna.
    My Camry Hybrid in his 5th year and still trouble free.