Prius C Prices Announced (Plus Video Review)

Yesterday Toyota announced the Prius c hybrid would range from suggested prices of $18,950 to $23,230 for one of its four trim levels.

Based on the Yaris platform, the smallest “city” version of the Prius is receiving high praise for its fun potential, frugality, and enough available accessories to endear it to Gen Y buyers – not to mention anyone who wants a small, inexpensive, efficient car.

Due for first deliveries next month, the vehicle gets 46 mpg highway, 53 mpg city, 50 mpg combined according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Weighing more than 500 pounds less than the Liftback (regular Prius), the just-around 100-horsepower Prius c will also be built in Japan, but in a different facility – the Tohoku plant that also builds a couple of Japanese-market models plus the Scion tC.

This plant has become a symbol of Japan’s post-earthquake revival after experiencing severe damage last March.

Pricing for the four levels are as follows: Prius c One, $18,950; Prius c Two, $19,900; Prius c Three, $21,635; Prius c Four, $23,230. All models come with Bluetooth® hands free phone controls, and begin to pack on extras as they go up the scale.

The entire model-by-model item list could get tedious, but in brief, level two upgrades a fairly well appointed base car with a 6-speaker stereo and a number of interior convenience accessories. Level three comes with fully featured connectivity, improved audio, optional 15-inch alloy wheels, and more. Level four comes with 15-inch alloy wheels, with 16-inch wheel optional plus other trim.

You can also get more details from a press release – but instead of adding many more words here, we’ll show you a nearly 7-minute long video from one of our sister publications, AutoGuide.

Editor-in-Chief Colum Wood’s review goes well beyond the usual 4-plus minute review, and packs in plenty of info.

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  • Van

    I guess future refinements will include lowering the CD using underbody panels, lighter lithium battery, and could a plug-in version be in the wings? Since the car has a smaller frontal area than a regular Prius, it is hard to swallow that they had to settle on 46 highway, given the 500 lbs advantage as well, to keep the price 4 to 5 thousand less.

    I like its looks and its price, but I had expected, and was clearly wrong big time, 60 MPG performance. Rather than completely repent, I will cling to my future hope Toyota will put out a higher mileage hybrid than Honda’s initial two seat Insight.

  • Max Reid

    As per this site, Prius C should have 55 MPG average. Dont go by EPA figures.

    Also Prius C has taken 120,000 orders in Japan, so they may not allocate much to USA. We should see how this will influence Insight, CR-Z & Civic.

    Prius C has 104 cu ft of total interior volume which compares with Corolla’s 107 cu ft. It will anyway take Corolla’s share in Japan. Lets see what happens in US.

  • Steven B

    I’m sure most real hybrid drivers will get excellent mpg. The EPA changed their driving cycle a couple of years ago to better reflect the habits of inefficient drivers. That hits hybrids’ numbers the worst. You probably could easily get 60-plus mpg in the Prius C if you don’t rough-ride it. 🙂

  • Capt. Concernicus

    I like it. I’d prefer the bigger Prius Liftback, but that’s just me.

    I’m sure a decent hybrid Prius driver can get 60 mpg out of this car. I own a 2nd gen Prius and during the warmer months I can get 51 mpg without trying too hard. A plug in version would be nice to see eventually.

  • hybridhybrid

    with proper hypermiling technique (pulse & glide), you can easily achieve 75-85 mpg out of the regular prius provided the streets aren’t busy. even when the streets are busy, you still get roughly 55-60. winter times tend to be lower… somewhere 45-50.

    i don’t see any problem of the C achieving 60+ mpg unless if your foot is like that woman who is sued honda recently. well can’t blame her though, its a honda “IMA” LOL