Toyota Prii Prices Going Up For U.S. Market

Prii prices are going slightly up for 2013.

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) announced yesterday a $200 price increase for the 2013 Prius and between $100 and $155 for the Prius v depending on trim model.

These new prices become effective as of this month, October 2012.

Prius Liftback

For 2013 the Prius adds the top-of-the-line trim level Persona Series Special Edition which Toyota qualifies as style-focused. This new trim level adds exterior changes and equipment to a Prius Three to create a distinct visual package.

The Prius Persona Special Edition includes 17-inch alloy wheels with a premium finish and offers a unique exterior color: Black Cherry Pearl. Available exterior colors for the Persona Special Edition also include Black and Blizzard Pearl. A “Persona Series” badge also helps distinguish the model.

The Persona Special Edition’s interior is trimmed in charcoal-hued SofTex with black accents and red stitching. The steering wheel is also trimmed in SofTex material and includes a dark chrome bezel that complements the new model’s dark chrome shift knob ring and door grips. The new Persona Special Edition has a MSRP of $27,130.

The MSRP on the 2013 Prius liftback has been increased by $200 on each of the five Prius equipment levels. The results for the Prius lineup are:

Prius One (fleet only) $23,215

Prius Two $24,200

Prius Three $25,765

Prius Four $28,435

Prius Five $30,005

Prius Persona Series Special Edition $27,130

Prius v

The 2013 Prius v will be available in a new Seaglass Pearl exterior color. In addition, the Prius v Five will offer a SofTex-trimmed steering wheel. The Prius v has small pricing increases over 2012 pricing ranging from $100 for the Two and Three trim levels; to $155 for the Five.

As a result, the Prius v Two has increased from $26,550 to $26,650 for 2013, and Prius v Three pricing has increased from $27,315 to $27,415. The top end Prius v Five has increased from $30,140 to $30,295.

Prius Plug-in

There are no price increases or equipment model changes for the 2013 Prius Plug-in which first arrived in showrooms in February 2012. The Prius Plug-in stays at $32,000 and the Advanced version at $39,525.

No news yet for 2013 Prius c prices.

Toyota notes that the MSRP listed here for the 2013 Prius, Prius v, and Prius Plug-in does not include the delivery, processing, and handling (DPH) fee of $760. The DPH fee for vehicles distributed by Southeast Toyota (SET) and Gulf States Toyota (GST) may vary.

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  • priusbob

    Wish they didn’t raise prices… However this should open the door for more Ford C-Max’s to be sold…

  • Volume Van

    Yes, C-MAX is better than Prius in many aspects. More space, Lithium battery.

    Its plugin version is even better.