Prices For smart’s Canadian E-Products Released

smart Canada released pricing today for the next generation e-product portfolio that will include the smart fortwo electric drive and the all-new smart ebike.

Prices for the smart fortwo electric drive coupe will start at $26,990 while the electric drive cabriolet will be priced from $29,990. The pricing for both models represents unparalleled value. smart Centres across Canada are already taking orders, and the first cars will be delivered in Spring 2013.

The fortwo electric drive coupe’s production started today.

smart is also expanding its e-product offering this July with the launch of the smart ebike. With prices starting at $3,240, the smart ebike blends an unconventional design with high technology standards to create a fun and functional urban transportation solution that offers the comfort of a power-assisted two-wheeler and the easy handling of a bicycle.

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  • Max Reid

    Ridiculously expensive, for another 3K, we can buy Miev which is a 4 seater. Why are these EVs priced so expensive.

    Its better to buy a vehicle like Focus which gives 40 MPG and still have 9K in wallet.

  • Tony D

    @ Max Reid. This is Canadian pricing, here the Imiev start at 33k…

  • Jason Arnold

    It’s “better” to have the whole picture before dismissing something as “Ridiculously expensive”.

    Compared to what? EVs cost more because batteries are expensive, that’s why there are incentives like the $8500 CAD rebate here in Ontario… eats up most of that “9K in wallet” offset you mentioned. Don’t like the idea that your taxes are being used to subsidize EVs? I don’t like the idea that my taxes are subsidizing oil exploration.

    Don’t forget to factor in the cost of gasoline you wont be buying. Assuming the most recent EPA cost of $3.57/gallon and their average mileage of 15,000mi/yr that’s $1340 in wallet per year… and that number gets bigger as gas prices rise.