President Bush Offers New Carbon Emissions Target

In a much talked about speech on Wednesday from the White House Rose Garden, George W. Bush set out to weigh-in early on his administration’s environmental legacy. The president outlined his philosophies, accomplishments and hopes for the future on the issue of climate change. The highlight of the speech was the announcement of a “new national goal,” to stop the increase of America’s carbon emissions by 2025. There was notably little mention of what the administration planned to do in its final months to ensure that such a goal was reached.

The two greatest accomplishments that Bush touted were a reduction in America’s greenhouse gas intensity—which has naturally decreased at basically the same rate each year for decades regardless of the President in office—and an unquestionably more sizable accomplishment: the increase of CAFE standards to 35 mpg by 2020.

Mixed Reviews

Environmentalists and Democrats were quick to criticize the speech for a variety of reasons, with most questioning its lack of specific policy goals. Massachusetts Representative Ed Markey quipped that the real headline over the announcement should be, “Bush pledges to do nothing before Jan. 20, 2009, the day he will leave office.” Others, like David Roberts of, whose April 16th post offered a comprehensive breakdown of the speech, gave a more detailed critique:

There’s nothing new in this speech. It’s meant to thwart real efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. It’s meant to gum up the international process. It’s meant to protect corporate contributors from regulatory constraints.

One place the speech found a generally positive reception was the Heritage Foundation, which has long been an opponent of government involvement in the climate change issue. Senior Policy Analyst for Energy and the Environment, Ben Lieberman, criticized the President for “embracing specific emissions targets,” but was generally satisfied with the speech, saying it “was more important for what the President said he would not support than for what he said he would support.”

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  • David

    Hey President Monkey, Gas is 3:50 a gallon where I am now. Things need to change now, not in 11 years. Friggin Idiot.

    Why do you think GM is hurtin so hard? They just keep pumping out the same old thing and they wonder why people aren’t buying them.

  • GR

    President Monkey. Haha David.

    $3.50 a gallon! That’s a great deal compared to what we’re at right now out here in LA. $3.90 a gallon!! As high as $4.09 a gallon for regular in some places and as high as $4.29 for premium! And we haven’t even reached summer prices yet!

    When told about these prices Dick Cheney replies: “So?” When President Bush (Monkey) is told about these prices he asks if that is expensive. Haha.

  • babu flubber

    Seems to me the Bush legacy has already been etched in stone: imbecile puppet for rent. Over time we’ll learn about all the profiteers who pulled his strings, likely too numerous to mention. I have to wonder one thing: He leaves office on 1/20/09. Has GM already offered him the CEO job?

  • Milwaukee T

    They really should have impeached this guy….

    (and Cheney too)

  • Adam Currey

    Environmental Legacy? How about trying his best to ruin Alaskan parkland looking for oil, tax incentives for buying gas guzzling SUVs, pushing hard for coal fueled powerplants, running one of the few countries in the industrial world that wouldn’t sign Kyoto. And that’s off the top of my head.

    His environmental legacy has long since been established.


  • VaPrius

    He did teach is what happens when we don’t pay attention. It’s a lesson we will all remember for a very long time.

  • RandalH

    Bush Derangement Syndrome is a fun thing to watch. Lefties argued for years that gasoline was too cheap. Now they blame Bush for it being too expensive.

    The previous administration had a horrible record on the environment. They signed Kyoto, then worked behind the scenes to ensure it wouldn’t be ratified. Form over substance is the norm for the left.

    By the way, the worst president ever is in the Middle East right now a**-kissing Hamas.

  • Collin Burnell


    Sorry RandalH… At least the Clinton Administration made an effort!

  • gok

    The different between Clinton/Gore and Bush/Cheney was Bush never showed any signs of caring for the environment before he went in. He wanted to open up Alaska for heaven sakes. I’m actually surprised he publicly stated we are addicted to oil.

    Also What does GM have to do with Bush? David you need to deal with your anger of GM before you pop a blood vessel over it.

  • Adam Currey

    “Bush Derangement Syndrome”. Right. Because anyone who critisizes Bush is deranged? Is any fact that I layed out here untrue?

    Economy, foreign policy, environment, national debt. Name a worse president…

  • eric burgett

    these gas price’s are fucking rediculous and $3.90 a gallon and as high as 4.23 for unleaded in Michigan i think the dick that raised the gas prices should get there ass kicked.

  • Zombo

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