Porsche Planning Tesla Fighting EV For As Soon As 2016

If a German-language report is correct, Porsche is developing its first dedicated all-electric Tesla competitor, the Pajun.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, “there is speculation” the Pajun will be on the market by 2016.

The Pajun, called by some a “baby Panamera” has been reported upon previously, but rather than receiving a multitude of powertrain options, this one is said to be going straight EV.

It will thus be a smaller four-passenger vehicle than the Panamera S E-Hybrid, and the assumption according to the report is Porsche believes in four years’ time, battery tech will be at a level of development to produce range estimated between 217-249 miles (350-400 km).

“Apparently, Porsche expects that in four years, the battery technology is so advanced that ranges from at least 350 to 400 kilometers is possible,” says a Google translation of the German text — which doesn’t quite match up with: “There is speculation that should be on the market in 2016, is now planned as a pure electric and Tesla competitor.”

The translation of the German report is thus ambiguous speaking of this range four years from now, as 2016 is only one year away, so would Porsche launch with less range, or is up-to 250 miles on the table for launch?

At any rate, given Tesla’s Model S already has this range, the unspoken assumption is newer tech or cheaper batteries will enable the business case and engineering for the new EV to Porsche’s satisfaction.

The Pajun is expected to be otherwise a sporty car with lessons folded in from the Panamera line which is also due for refresh.

Specs like top speed, and 0-60 – and definitely not price – were not reported.

Auto Motor und Sport via AutoGuide

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