Porsche Panamera Hybrid on its Way

Jan. 8, 2008

Porsche Panamera

Porsche AG said it will introduce a hybrid version of its yet-to-be released Panamera sports sedan. The company previously announced plans to build a hybrid-powertrain version of the next generation Cayenne SUV in 2010. A hybrid Panamera would be sold as late as 2013. Both vehicles will use the same full-hybrid system capable of running on its gas engine, solely via its electric motor, or a combination of the two.

The Cayenne hybrid combines a 3.6-liter direct fuel injection gas engine with an electric motor and 38 kW, 288 volt nickel metal hydride battery pack. The batteries are housed beneath the luggage compartment, which is normally accommodating the spare wheel. The four-wheel-drive vehicle uses a full hybrid system, with the clutch and electric motor positioned between the engine and the transmission.

The new Panamera Gran Turismo will make its debut in 2009 with a non-hybrid drive. Porsche is investing more than €1 billion in the development of the Panamera, its fourth model series. The new car is a premium-class Sports Coupé with four seats and four doors.

Porsche promises that the hybrid version of the Panamera will provide the performance expected by Porsche buyers, minus the high fuel bills. Compared to the conventionally powered Panamera, Porsche claims 30 percent better fuel economy.


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  • Old Man Crowder

    Woohoo! ANOTHER hybrid vehicle that the majority of people will never afford!

    Thanks Porsche! That’s just what we needed!

  • Boom Boom

    Exactly, Crowder. 2013? By then, Chevy might even be able to get the Volt on the road! How about a Yaris Hybrid, Fit Hybrid, Focus Hybrid, yadda, yadda. The Accord failed as a “turbo” hybrid. We don’t need more POWER!
    Give us affordable hybrids!! Please!!

  • tired

    MAN! You people complain about everything! We all know we need more affordable hybrids and electrics, however people are always going to buy sports cars and SUVs too so it is important that fuel savings be put into them as well. It takes working on the problem from all angles not just one.

  • dave

    we do need more power in cars

  • Boom Boom

    My point with the power is that sports car drivers are more concerned with performance that MPG so they’re not going to by a hybrid anyway. If they wanted that, they’d get a Tesla. We’ll see if they sell, when they come out. Small and mid-size SUVs sell as hybrids. To that I give Toyota and Ford kudos.
    And Dave, what exactly do we need more power for? Gotta go 90 on the highway? Gotta go 0-60 in less than 5 seconds?
    When just half, no one-quarter, of the car makers make an entry level hybrid, I’ll stop grumbling.

  • quirky

    Actually what most people would prefer is more torque, its better for acceleration, for when you have extra people, for towing etc.
    Guess what gives more torque more of the time? Electric motors.
    Therefore a performance hybrid gives you the everday lower cost of increased MPG and then more performance when you want it.

  • Blah Blah

    I agree with the guy that says none of us will ever afford a porche. But an affordable one would be nice.

  • Alphag33k

    There is an interesting article in SylkMagazine.com about the US car industries marketing techniques and alternative fuel cars.

  • Boom Boom

    Absolutely on the torque. We’ve all seen the electric car beat a Ferrari on YouTube. But if car makers sacrifice efficiency for power, electric motors won’t reduce fuel consumption. The Honda Accord was faster than any other Accord sold at the time, but no more efficient…. and no one bought it.

  • Get off your blue collars

    You know, a lot of environmentally conscious people would also like to own cars that don’t pollute as much but still maintain the luxury and comfort standards that they are accustomed to.

    Saying that only cheaper cars should be hybrid or more efficient is very closed minded as it is a concept that we should be using for all people and all cars.

  • Jerry

    Once the companies make enough money on the high end cars they will make more affordable ones its a matter of time.

    If you happen to have a 100 grand burning in your pocket some high power torque of the hybrid is as good a place as any to spend it.

  • Jon

    It’s frankly anonying to even bother reading the comments here any more so many people jump so readily to complain about innovation that is doing what they are asking for. Talk about ungrateful…

    Remember when only really expensive cars had air bags and anti lock brakes? Technology generally trickles down not up. Why not say “this is great another manufacture on the cutting edge embracing hybrid technology, it’ll be all the sooner we see this in everyday cars”.

  • Giant

    and it’s refreshing to hear those posters whining about the whiners.

  • Mateusz

    It’s amazing but the first world’s hybrid car was build by Ferdinand Porsche in 1901!

  • Boom Boom

    Fact: The worlds best selling hybrid costs cost’s less than $30k.
    Fact: The Lexus LS600 and GS450 account for less than 1% of Toyota’s hybrid sales.
    Where is that trickle down?
    And well done, giant. People need to read the posts and respond without name calling.

  • Gandalf

    Soon we will hear that Rolls Royce has a hybrid and the original Humvee is coming back as a hybrid!

  • Don

    Expect a hybrid Humvee soon for the military. All the electronic gear the military uses requires power and what better waay to power them. Also fuel logistics is a major problem so a 30-50% increase in fuel economy would be a real benefit.

  • Shelby Paige

    whoever would have that a porsche hybrid??

  • Jon

    Right… Giant whining about the whining about the whining is much better than simply whining about the whining because it adds that added hypocrisy to it. LOL.

    I want to see a hybrid in every size, type and class of vehicle from Prius to Porsche, from pick-up truck to tractor-trailer… so kudos to Porsche for joining the hybrid manufactures club.

  • Jeff

    I could not care less if Porsche comes out with a hybrid or a fuel cell or and EV. Any technology that improves energy efficiency and reduces pollution is a step in the right direction. Walking would provide the greatest benefit. So how about a pair of Porsche shoes or sandles? They could still charge 6 figures for them.

  • Tristen

    My 84 honda gets better gas mileage than most of these cars. If you told me in 1984 about fuel economy in 2008…I would wonder what happened?

  • joe

    The type of people who can afford this car can afford to pay the petrol prices otheriwse why buy a porsche when you know its a sports car that drinks like a beast and has a 3.6 litre engine!! Anyway you dont buy a porsche to drive 30mph do you? =S

  • Major Pain

    You know guys… I see alot of peeps complaining about the Hybrids and some that don’t…

    I’m a complainer! lol

    For one thing, The Hybrids we thought were being built to help the American people with todays Economy being so far out of wack thx to our own Government. BUT the simple thruth is, These Hybrids being built not only run anywhere between 40 to 50 miles on a battery charge THEN you have to kick in the gasoline motor to make it somewhere to plug it back up! lmfao.. Not to mention the Hybrids are what? 8 to 10 Thousand Dollars more on the sticker price than an average gasoline powered vehicle?

    So how is this helping people that are not as fortunate in life as others making 50 to 100K a year?

    And besides, If I made that kind of money, I would even Worry about how many MPG my vehicle got…

    What about the little people that work their asses off everyday that will NEVER be able to afford any type of Hybrid?

    Hybrid – Higher Price Tag, Higher Maintenance Issuses the average person will never be able to repair the vehicle themselves, Will never make a 1/4 mile or 1/8 mile trip in less than 6 seconds lol

    I mean really.. Who exactly are these Hybrids helping?


  • Herb

    you hit right on the nose how will the few rich help lower the co2

  • Marvin

    This is a great step into the right direction. Although I think that there should be a bigger focus on the common vehicle, this is a powerful step to making that feasible. Once you have the motor enthusiast on board and the rich, it “green cars” becomes better accepted munge average people like you or myself.

  • d

    ur a fag

  • t mannn

    f.u.c.k you d this car is baddd a.s.s

  • d

    f.u.c.k u b.i.t.c.h i kno

  • marcus aurelius

    I hear you Old Man Crowder. But it’s a work of beauty. Forget the cost — just admire it for the work of art that it is, and for its functionality. I see so many ugly gas guzzling cars on the road. I am overjoyed that Porsche finally went into the 4-door space with something gorgeous and hybrid. I didn’t think I’d see the day.