Porsche Hints About Plug-in 911

Porsche is continuing to deliberate the possibility of a hybrid 911. Though the company hasn’t announced any final decisions, it appears that the direction for the powertrain has been settled.

According to Bernhard Maier, Porsche’s sales and marketing division leader, a plug-in hybrid platform is the most appealing. He talked with Jason Stein, publisher and editor of Automotive News, at last night’s Automotive News World Congress.

“It’s a very interesting technical concept” with “a lot of opportunities,” said Maier.

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Details were slim, but Maier did say Porsche would most likely be taking inspiration from the 918 Spyder.

“You will find similar characteristics as you can see with the 918 Spyder, on a different performance level of course,” Maier told Stein when asked about the PHEV 911’s potential design.

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Maier stressed that no decision has been made yet. If Porsche does move forward with a hybrid 911, though, he said one thing would be absolute:

“It will be a true Porsche, and it will be a true sports car,” Maier told Stein.

Porsche 918 Spyder 1LR

Porsche 918 Spyder 1LR

Last fall, CEO Matthias Muller also linked Porsche’s plug-in 918 Spyder to a possible hybrid 911.

“This hybrid technology has two reasons: one is CO2, but another reason for us for this technology is sportiness,” Muller told CarAdvice in an interview. “As we have proved in the 918 Spyder … it can work. So it can also be a solution for 911.”

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Porsche’s 918 is a limited-production supercar with an $850,000 (approximate) price tag. Also on the company’s docket of alternative-fuel vehicles is a PHEV Panamera sedan and an upcoming PHEV Cayenne, due to arrive later this year.

The current Porsche hybrids are selling well, both in the U.S. and abroad. According to Automotive News, hybrid sales on the Panamera make up 15-percent of the model’s total U.S. sales.

If a PHEV 911 is developed, Muller said it would most likely be planned as a model for 2018.

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