Plug Power Offering Extended Electric Vehicle Range Through Fuel Cell Engines

Fuel cell engine maker Plug Power is helping delivery companies meet zero emission targets and make more deliveries by extending range in their electric vehicles.

Plug Power Inc. said that its first production ProGen fuel cell engines has shipped for use in electric delivery vehicles. The first deliveries are going to FedEx as range extenders for the fleet’s electric delivery vans in the greater Los Angeles area.

Plug Power said it will double the range of these FedEx delivery vans.

During the second quarter of 2017, the company will ship out ProGen engines for delivery vans operating in China. These vehicles will be used for on-road trials and certification.

The New York-based company sees China as a vital market for its ProGen technolgy. The government is tapping into fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations, and electrified vehicles, as part of its national campaign to clean up air quality in its crowded cities.

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The ProGen engine offers delivery companies and other fleets – including service trucks, municipal and government fleets, and taxis and port vehicles – a potential solution for their concerns over limited range in electric trucks and vans.

“The electrification of the auto market is undeniable,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power, in a release. “But, common to those who consider adoption is ‘range anxiety’ – that being a fear that the vehicle will not make it to its next charge opportunity or have sufficient range for the application. ProGen eliminates that stress, and for that reason, we see this market as large and impactful to Plug Power’s bottom line.”

The small, publicly traded company designs, engineers, and manufactures ProGen engines and other products at its Latham, N.Y., and Spokane, Wash., facilities. The company also produces its GenDrive, GenFuel, and ProGen fuel cell stack products at these facilities.

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